Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's been a while...

Sorry it's been a while folks. A lot going on here in Boston if you haven't seen in the news. The Sox are on another crash course to a World Series win, some college in Newton came back from down 10 with 2:00 minutes left by some miracle. And our own Northeastern Huskies, well, they have a game this weekend. It's homecoming and we kicked off the week with a show by Jim Gaffigan. He talked alot about bacon and Jesus and there have been some jokes that linked the two...but I don't really remember, I just remember laughing.

Speaking of Jesus (how you like that segue), Monday night I'm going over to BU for a speaker series with Eli Weisel (author of Night and a million other books) and the "Jewishness of Jesus." Mike McD told me about and he went to the first two parts of the series and just said you know you're in the presence of a great story teller when you sit and stare at the 80 something year old man for an hour, absolutely captivated.

Back to my week this week, Tuesday night was the Meet the Court event where our boys TK and Chris Bourne represented Kappa Sigma to the fullest. Always fun to watch guys do karaoke and make fools of themselves. Good luck to both of you guys Saturday, let's bring home the crown.

Afterwards Adams and I went to Conor's for a drink and ran into a bunch of people I hadn't seen since freshmen year which was cool. Still catching up with people 7 weeks into the semester. It ended up being a much longer night than anticipated and I'm pretty sure Steve is still passed out on his couch, three days later.

Last night I worked and since the Red Sox were playing at Fenway the store was pretty dead. Hopefully tomorrow night won't be so bad. It makes the shift go by much faster when it's busy. Then after work tomorrow it's time for float building and Midnight Madness. It sucks that it's supposed to rain all day Saturday, not only because it means the family isn't going to come out for the day, but also because I don't remember a homecoming where it didn't rain. Thought five years trying I'd get at least one, but oh well.

Bruce has been occupying much of my time. I sit and watch the setlists if I'm home. So far the shows have been pretty entertaining. Pulling out some classics and some not so classics which is cool. Meeting Across the River into Jungleland and the Thunder Road the other night have been two of my highlights so far. Downloaded all the shows and have been living with them on my iPod. No tickets yet, but I'm hoping to score some for Albany or one of the two Boston shows.

No classes tomorrow, just work at the scheduling desk then work at CPK. Got to love the free meals. Looking forward to the new menu rollout in a couple weeks to see what they are going to add to it. Luckily they are only dropping a few things and nothing that I absolutely love.

Life is good no complaints on this end. In closing here's a little something I wrote about music in my life:

You are my soul
My heartbeat
Your bass line fuels
Your lyrics guide

You are my companion
In good times we celebrate
In bad we mourn
All the time with me

You are my confidante
In darkness I whisper your words
In the shower I scream them
Only you know my secrets


Monday, October 8, 2007


So here I am. A month and half back into the Boston scene. At first glance things are awesome. Things are working out well with the apartment, just started working at CPK again. Not too much to complain about. I catching up with a lot of the people that I hadn't seen for almost a year and things seem relatively normal.

But they aren't. Not even close. Because while I was away doing my thing in NY and Australia, the world kept moving. WHAT?!? I didn't hit pause walk away for a little bit and am just going to start back up where I left off? If only life were like TiVo, things would be that simple.

Don't get me wrong I'm getting to know a lot of the new KappaSig guys and there's that core group of friends from Australia that I've been hanging out with, but it seems that everyone else has new friends. I walk up to a group of my friends and the new kid from the group makes some stupid comment about 'who's the new kid?'. YOU ARE ASSHOLE. I was here first WAY before you were.

It's weird that's all I'm saying. I'm still trying to fit back in.

Katie Cameron was in town this weekend. Haven't seen here since sophomore year or so. Had an awesome time hanging out with her and Tom and Ryan and some of their friends. We did a Freedom Trail pub crawl from Charlestown to Faneuil (well I started about 5 bars into it) It was a really fun night and I'm looking forward to the next one. Katie in Ohio gives me another place to travel to this year to. The list is getting too long right now.

I got to be a fly on the wall in the world that is Halo 3 yesterday. After the Patriots game and in between Red Sox innings the Parker Hill crew went into Gamer mode. Not since freshmen year with Johnny Applesauce have I been so terrified in my life. I mean these kids go all out they have the headsets and everything. I enjoy it don't get me wrong, I just have to get used to the controllers. I don't care how awesome the graphics are nothing will ever beat Goldeneye for N64. Maybe next time I"m home I'll dig that out and bring it to school with me.

Steve called me fat yesterday so I have to go eat lunch and then go to the gym, or watch a movie or something. Music update will be coming sometime this week. Also I get the news about the marathon this week so keep your fingers crossed.


*Edits also courtesy of Steven