Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The difference between a singer and a songwriter

Tonight I had the pleasure of witnessing Corinne Bailey Rae live at NYC Town Hall. My first time at the venue was a great one. The setting and the acoustics were great (except for a few sound glitches towards the end). Going into the show I only knew "Put Your Records On" and didn't know what to expect from the show...but I was blown away. Although there were 10 people on the stage there was no doubt that Corinne was the center of it all. The band and backup singers were the perfect accompaniment to Corinne soaring and soulful voice.

The difference between someone who gets their songs and sings them and someone like Corinne who writes them isn't always evident on an album, but it is clear in a live show. The amount of emotion and energy that was put into each and every note of every song was moving. She was able to connect with the crowd and draw her audience into the palm of her hand.

ALthough it seemed effortless when she sang, the in between banter and praises is where she got flustered. Whether she was clapping along with the audience ("thank you for thanking me and enjoying me so much, perhaps?) or talking just a bit too much, it seems that is the only thing she needs to work on.

"Put your recods On" was played somewhere in the middle of the set and everyone was still there at the end of the show. At the encore she came out and said..."I only have 11 songs that you know, so i guess you're getting the whole album."

A great artist and one who is sure to be around for a few years.

Corinne was also recently nominated for several Grammy awards.


So the newest musician I'm hooked on is Hodges. This guy is a singer/songwriter originally from Fort Worth, TX. He moved to LA where he started playing coffee houses, open mics, etc. Got booked to some festivals, was named one of Hollywood's "30 under 30" and continues to expand his fanbase. He is currently finalizing a record deal and the record should be out the first half of 2007. This guy is going to be big in 07...mark my words.

here at MTV i just gave my presentation to my department on him and I think it went really well. if you want to check out some of his songs you can visit is myspace page or his website Also you can check out a short clip of him on Go to Los Angeles and scroll down to Hodges...and i'm sure theres some live clips on YouTUbe if you search for them.

Tonight going to see Corinne Rae Bailey at Town Hall in NYC. Look for a review later.

Check out: Blink of An Eye by Hodges