Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 8 Update

Participants - Daily Pledge - Pledge Total:
Shawn Wolfgang - $1 - $8
Steven Adams - $1 - $7

Sponsor - Participant - Daily Match - Match Total
Wolfgang - Steven Adams - $1 - $7
Rebecca - Shawn - $1 - $8
Chris Adams - Steven - $1 - $7
Mom Wolfgang - Shawn - $.25 - $2.00
LaToya Moore - Shawn - $1 - $8
Brooke - Shawn - $1 - $8
Jul - Steven - $1 - $7
Deanie - Shawn - $1 - $8
Grandma Wolfgang - Shawn - $1 - $8
Theresa Shear - Shawn - $1 - $8

According the GBFB, "Every $15 donation will help us provide a family with a 12-14 pound turkey this holiday."

If you would rather make a one time donation in lieu of creating a pledge or sponsoring a participant you are more than welcome to:

Martin Hough - $15
Jessie Goldbas - $50

Grand Total: $151 (Updated 11/8 1:08PM)
# of Turkeys: 10

Steven fell off the wagon for a day to interview for coops but is back with us.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

UPDATE: No Shave November

Okay Steven on Day 4 and me on Day 5. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Here's the money totals to date:

Steven Adams $1 $5
Shawn Wolfgang $1 $5
TOTAL: $10

Shawn Wolfgang Steven Adams $1 $5
Rebecca Millette Shawn Wolfgang $1 $5
Chris Adams Steven Adams $1 $5
Mom Wolfgang Shawn Wolfgang $.25 $1.25
LaToya Moore Shawn Wolfgang $1 $5
TOTAL: $21.25
Martin Hough $15
Jessie Goldbas $50
TOTAL: $65

GRAND TOTAL: $96.25 which is equal to 6 Turkeys.

Congratulations to Barack Obama for making history! Let's see the change you promised.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Shave November...Donate NOW!

Okay. So I haven't blogged in a while because I just wasn't feeling it, but now I have something to say. What started out as an innocent email forward from Marty to Steven to me has now become a challenge, and a challenge for charity. Here's the concept:
For the entire month of November Steven and I will not be touching a razor. They will sit quietly in the bathroom while we attempt to grow what some may call facial hair. Here's where we got serious. In an effort to be good people, and to help out our good friends at the Greater Boston Food Bank, we will be donating a dollar for everyday that we successfully go with out shaving. We are also asking for your help. You can help us by sponsoring us. $.25/day $1/day whatever you want. At the end of the month you can send us the check and we will deliver the grand total to the food bank. I'm going to keep everyone updated here and for you younger folks on Facebook there is an event that you can visit to see our progress. I know its a tough time of year for everyone and a tough economy, but if we are struggling imagine the people on the street. $1 donated is equal to $4 spent by the food bank.

Steven $4
Shawn $4

Shawn sponsors Steven
Rebecca sponsors Shawn
You're Next!!!