Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ahhh only 16 days

Okay so 16 days is going by too quickly. I just want to thank everyone who made it to my going away party this weekend. It was really good to see everyone. I know I will see a few of you between now and when I leave, but those I don't it was good to wee you. Now it's crunch time. I made copies of all my documents today and now I have to start getting my clothes together and make a list of what else I need to get. I have to go and exchange some money so I have it when I get there. I'm at the library now and its telling me I have to get off the computer. I'll talk more tomorrow...I'm getting very excited

Congratulations to Adelle who gave birth this morning. Good Job waddles!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

21 days til lift-off

So in exactly 21 days from now I will flying high above middle america on my way to Los Angeles. Its insane how soon it will be here. There are still alot of things that I need to get ready before I go. Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to organize stuff and start packing since it's mostly summer stuff going with me. Tomorrow's high temperature in Albany, NY is 11degrees. That I will not miss while I am away.
Sunday I am having a going away party. I know its early but I have a big family and there are always things going on so this is really the only weekend that we could do it without overlapping with someone elses party. As it is, Sunday is my Uncle Jim and my cousin Allison's birthday.
Lots of good music out now. I'm listening to Mika who is a really unique artist. Kinda of Queen/The Darkness type music but really good. You can hear him on the promo's for MTV's Monday night lineup and some Motorola commercials. While we are talking about music, why is the year that I decide to leave the country the year that I know people going to Coachella and Bonnaroo two huge festivals that i've been trying to go to for years. If you haven't seen the lineup for Coachella check it out at www.coachella.com Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine reunites, Mika and alot more. Maybe I'll fly back to Cali for the weekend...

Currently Listening to: Mika "Grace Kelly"

Friday, January 12, 2007

Everyday a little closer

Every day i get closer i get a little more nervous about what its going to be like. I think I've said before that I've yet to leave the country besides Canada, which doesn't really count. It looks like I'm going to have a laptop over there to use which is going to make a huge difference. Means I can bring all of my music over (not just the 4gb's on my iPod) and I'll be able to update the blog and send pictures more easily.

Just waiting to hear where I'm going to be living and if I'll be living by myself or with another student. Either way I'm not too worried about that. I've lived w/ two guys (my brothers/then my frosh year roommates) and by myself, so either way I'm sure I'll make out okay.

What else am I nervous about? Umm I guess being able to do everything I want in a short period of time. Four months isn't that short amount of time, but it'll fly by I'm sure. I'm excited that there are alot of concerts going on in the area while I'm down there. Dave Matthews Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Damien Rice, Snow Patrol, Beastie Boys, and whole bunch of other ones. Hopefully I'll be able to get to a couple of those shows and also some small local bands would be cool.

I have to get my camera ready make sure its working well so I can talk all kinds of pictures. I'll make sure to set up a site so I can link them when I upload them.

Until laters...

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just over a month until I leave

Happy New Years

I guess its really starting to kick in now that I will be heading to the complete other side of the world in just over a month. This weekend I'll be traveling to NYC and Boston wrapping up a few things and saying my goodbyes. My grandparents just put up and atlas so they can see where I'm going to be and where my cousin Christopher is. He's heading to Sicily with the marines where he'll wait to be deployed over to Iraq again. Thursday night I had dinner w/ a bunch of the guys from high school and one of our teachers. It was good to talk about some great high school memories and realize that we are just as ridiculous as we were back then. The weirdest thing about Northeastern is that I still have a year left and all of my friends are graduating. When we left a couple said "the next time you see us we'll be college graduates." Its baffling how quickly four years has gone by. I can only imagine how quickly my four months in Australia are going to be. I've been looking at all kinds of guide books and Top 10 lists of things to do and I hope I have time to do half of what I want to.

I thought i was going to make it all year without snow, but we got about an inch this week in Upstate NY. The weather has been so abnormal lately that the cold feels abnormal now. Down in Sydney its summer. Can't wait to break out the shorts again and get into that ocean.

35 days.

Listening to Mat Kearney...look for a post about him soon