Sunday, March 30, 2008

My 100th Post

Well it's been over a year since I've been writing this blog and I've just hit my 100th Post. Guess I'll have to step up my game the next couple weeks to keep everyone up to date on life and music and everything more often than I have been. So let's get started.

This week the new Counting Crows album Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings was released. I've only listened to it all the way through a half dozen or so times, but I'm absolutely loving it. The first half of the album is what Adam describes as a typical saturday night that he had been going through for a while. Loud, rocking, and general just kick ass (remind me to tell you a funny story about this later on in the post). The second half is a little more mellow and laid back. Exactly what you need on those Sunday mornings recovering from your rough Saturday night. It is probably the best album of theirs since August and Everything After (Anna Begins has been playing on my iPod a lot lately.) The album reminds me a lot of the Live Across A Wire double-disc which was the electric MTV 10Spot Concert and the VH1 acoustic set. Definitely go out and buy this album though. Adam and the guys are going out on tour this summer with Maroon 5 who I wrote about here.
Definitely going to try and catch a couple of these shows depending on where I'm living this summer.

Which brings me to my next highlight of the week. So I was on Myspace the other night just chilling seeing what was up and I noticed a post from my old boss at Mtv. The bulletin headline was "MTV is looking for on-air VJs". Now you've probably read the posts where I talk about my dream of being on Real World. (I dream big huh?) But I never thought about being an on-air VJ. Just kidding when I was doing my internship at MTV, the few times I was able to work with TRL I totally could see myself hosting. So I decided what the hell I'll put my resume together and throw on a random head shot photo (Sent one from Gabe's Wedding over the summer where I was looking totally awesome) and wrote a cover letter about how awesome I am (Can I just say my ego has gotten and awesome boost from people telling me all week "I can totally see you doing that") and I sent it off thinking nothing of it. So I go about my business go to class and come back and check my email. Seriously like 1 hour later the woman emails me back (I know I've been telling people she called, it's way more exciting that way) and asks if I can put together an audition tape by the end of the week. My response "I'll overnight it tomorrow". She sent me everything I needed to do on the tape. I needed three video tosses (Up next grab your umbrellas, at number 4 it's Rhianna) then one minute review of a new album (see above Counting Crows review) and one host copy which is now taped on 7 different cue cards on my bedroom wall. So I take about an hour and half to film all of this stuff which should be 4 minutes long and go to the studio to edit it all down. Honestly I think some of the outtakes are funnier than the actual audition and I'm going to try and post everything here tomorrow so you can see how it came out. So then I overnighted it and they received it Thursday at 12:44pm and it was signed by a Mr R. Armstrong. (Not that I was concerned about whether it got there on time at all) And then there was nothing. What I'm hoping is that they got all the tapes they wanted by Friday at the end of the day and then they are going to review them at the beginning of this week and then call people back. I hope I didn't get everyone's hopes up including my own and now all I can say is I once sent in a tape to be a VJ as opposed to "Mom I know you haven't seen me in a couple weeks it's been crazy down here at work, but tune in this Thursday to catch my interview with Mariah Carey at 3:30pm all part of Spanking New Music Week" (How f*cking cool would that be?)

I'll keep you all up to date on the developments on that front. Life has been good besides all of that stuff going on. Have a major project that I've been majorly procrastinating on so now I have to kick it into high gear this week to catch up. Sure it will all work out. After all some of the project involves Bruce Springsteen so what more motivation do I need. The major upside/downside of this position will probably be leaving Boston sooner than expected. I believe the position would start sooner than later and recently I've gotten it through my head that I'm going to stay in Boston for the summer. But if the opportunity presents itself, I'm outta here.

Justin and I had a really interesting conversation the other night about friendships and how funny and fickle they can be. We were talking about how our relationship had changed over the years since when I first met him. We talked a lot about how things were different while I was in Australia and even this year. I've been working a lot and/or hanging out with guys in the chapter and haven't really been as close to my roommates as I was when I lived with them sophomore year. It's weird because as a sophomore I was the young and inexperienced one and I really looked up to guys like Hansen and took everything they said and did as the rule of thumb. And not in a bad way just in a different way as I went from being friends/roommates with him to my Middler year as President of the fraternity and him as my advisor, I tried to do things they way he did and run the chapter they way he did. But our leadership styles are very different and when I tried to emulate him it came off I suppose as not genuine or forced. Then I went away for a year and came back full circle and we are roommates again and its for sure different but so are most of my other relationships. Over time people change and grow and sometimes we grow closer and sometimes we grow apart, but I feel it's just the natural process of things. There is no really explaining it, or if there is I haven't figured that part out yet.

I'm happy that spring is finally here (although it was snowing Friday night). The more hours of sun there are in the day the happier I am for sure. To wake up to sunshine on my face is probably one of the best feelings in the world, and getting out of class at 7:30pm at night and still having some light is also awesome. I know that my birthday is coming and graduation and all kinds of fun things that the summer always brings. I am for sure a summer baby.

This post is getting entirely too long so I will save some for later in the week.

Until then I'll leave you with some Bruce...
"This one's for friendship...blood brothers on a stormy night, with a vow to defend, no retreat baby no surrender."

Monday, March 17, 2008

I have no friends...

Okay so the greatest day of my life may have cost me all of my friends. After not sleeping all night on Saturday night because of the stress of planning the Ben Folds show, I was up at 6:30am. I drove over to the student center and loaded everything into the dressing rooms at 7:00am. Becca and a handful of the KappaSigs showed up around 8 to start with load in. Ben's tour manager Ashley was there working with us all day. He was a witty British guy who knew what he wanted and when he wanted it done, which was usually 10 minutes before it was scheduled to be done. Steve quickly opened his mouth during lunch and earned the nickname Swiss from our good friend Nigel I mean Ashley.

Still on a high so this probably isn't making any sense, but we get everything all set then we wait around for a couple hours for the show. I get to introduce the opener then I get my front row seat right in front of Ben. No here's where I lose my friends. If you have never had the privilege of attending a concert with me and then you will not know what I'm about to describe, but let me try. So there is something about live music. Particularly good live music. Particularly good live music I love that drives me wild. Absolutely insane. My adrenaline skyrockets, my emotions hit the ceiling and I lose all control of my feet. Let me just say that it "... makes it possible for all white boys to dance." There are even times when I blackout and come to in a completely different song, but that's besides the point. So since I was in the front row and since I was convulsing and dancing around people decided that I lost it. I'm pretty sure there are half a dozen videos that will soon be showing up on youtube/facebook. I'm pretty sure the bigger talk will not be about the concert but about my dancing and the obnoxious amounts of high fives that Swiss and I gave each other. They are just jealous...haha

So I've never felt so accomplished, so confident that this is the life for me, and that I put on the best concert Northeastern has seen in a while (not to give myself too much props). Last night may have been one of the greatest nights of my time here at Northeastern, but I'm sure it's just the beginning of some great shit to come.

Happy St Patrick's Day to everyone. If I can plan this concert imagine what my graduation party is going to be like. If only I had a $50,000 budget for that too.

Now back to "rockin' the suburbs"...Peaces

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Graduation, Ben Folds, and things

Well we are now only 53 days from Graduation. Scary thought seeing as I have a shit ton of stuff to do the next couple weeks and time isn't slowing down at all. This week is crazy because one week from today is the big Ben Folds show. Work has been good making lots of money. Kevin was in town this weekend and I went out a couple times with him. Also went out last night with Justyna and Becky for their birthdays and spent entirely too much money. Got my tax refund and worked two doubles this weekend, though so all is good in the wallet.

Haven't had much time to hang out and relax lately and this week isn't looking better, but after this week I'm definitely going to take a day or two and just chill out. Looking to start sending out my resume this week to my contacts in the industry and see where that takes me, then start actually searching job sites/fairs for positions. Not rushing anything right now.

Other than that life is good. Coming back off Spring Break and hitting the ground running in the morning.