Sunday, March 9, 2008

Graduation, Ben Folds, and things

Well we are now only 53 days from Graduation. Scary thought seeing as I have a shit ton of stuff to do the next couple weeks and time isn't slowing down at all. This week is crazy because one week from today is the big Ben Folds show. Work has been good making lots of money. Kevin was in town this weekend and I went out a couple times with him. Also went out last night with Justyna and Becky for their birthdays and spent entirely too much money. Got my tax refund and worked two doubles this weekend, though so all is good in the wallet.

Haven't had much time to hang out and relax lately and this week isn't looking better, but after this week I'm definitely going to take a day or two and just chill out. Looking to start sending out my resume this week to my contacts in the industry and see where that takes me, then start actually searching job sites/fairs for positions. Not rushing anything right now.

Other than that life is good. Coming back off Spring Break and hitting the ground running in the morning.


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