Monday, February 25, 2008

"Love Turned Its Back On Me"

"Love Turned Its Back On Me" is the latest song uploaded by Hodges who I've mentioned a couple times before. Hodges is a singer-songwriter originally from Dallas who has since relocated to LA. He is finishing up the final touches on his debut album and more importantly warming up to do some touring. I'm hoping that he makes it over to the east coast because I really want to see him live. If not I may just have to make a trip to west coast.

Midterm week and things seem to be going pretty well. Working alot. To the point that I am now having regular dreams about work. I think I need a vacation. Thank god for spring break in a week. Not that I'm going anywhere exciting (I love Albany, but let's be honest). Taking some time to get plugged back into the music world. Looking for some new stuff to listen too and like I said really excited to hear the new Hodges stuff. Going to start blogging more about the music and job search now that we are down to about 67 days 'til graduation.

Keep your eyes and ears open because it's going to be an exciting couple of months I'm sure.

Peace and Love

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