Monday, February 4, 2008

I didn't want to do it.

I didn't want to write this blog, really I didn't. I wanted to smile on the inside, jump up and down and scream when I go to NY on Tuesday. I wanted to let this be about a good team overcoming the odds and playing with heart and kicking some ass. I wanted to avoid becoming a Masshole and rubbing it in everyone of their cocky faces that your playboy of a quarterback choked. I didn't want to suggest that Brady walked in thinking that he would be soaking Gisele in champagne in two hours after he got through this thing they call a football game. BUT some fans seem to be suggesting that the Patriot's threw the game so to avoid the embarrassment that is Spygate. Here in fact Steven seems to suggest that instead of playing their hearts out and achieving 'perfection' with a 19-0 season, Brady, Bill and the other 100 or so people in the Patriot's organization agreed to take it on their face. Or maybe Brady and Bill were the only ones in on it. Maybe the Patriot's, the 'ultimate' team, weren't in on Bill's plan to save his own ass from the embarrassment of Spygate?

I don't agree. I think Eli found his heart, his team worked as a team, and at the end of the day the Giants WON this game. The Patriot's didn't lose this game intentionally. Brady played like the little girl he always does. The Giant's defense broke through the bubble and got the pressure on him and Brady felt it. Five times to be exact.

You get what you give...
The Giants showed class and respect walking into this game. They knew the Patriot's were talented and great and played like that. The Patriot's were cocky "They were inviting us to their parties after the game," said Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer. "They showed us no respect."

"Eighteen-and-one means something. It means exactly what New England defensive end Richard Seymour said it does: 'That you didn't win the Super Bowl. You don't get no trophy for second.'"

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Let's go GIANTS!!!!!!!!!