Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's complicated

I exaggerate things.

I'm sarcastic, which doesn't come across well over the internet.

I'm honest, sometimes brutally. The truth hurts. But I'd rather be in pain than be lied to.

I rarely know what I want except I want to be happy.

I overthink things. I'm not a psychiatrist so I should stop analyzing everything. In the words of Arnold 'it's not a tumor'. When did I become so glass half empty?

I run on about 4 hours sleep successfully. I think my body is preparing itself for a life of production.

I wish it was easier. I wish there were traffic signs that said where to go. I'm a leader, but sometimes when you're at the front of the pack at a crossroads, you have to make a split second decision and go with it. I stop and think. The pack runs over me.

I'm complicated.

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Deanie said...

I always forget you're still blogging, and then when I stop by to read, I'm always amazed at how profound you are. I guess with graduation rapidly approaching, one would tend to self evaluate , but keep in mind that your life is only just beginning. There is a master plan out there and only fate will lead you in the right direction. Try to sit back, relax and appreciate this awesome milestone in your life. You will go far, you will succeed, you are my hero! I love and miss you!