Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Quick Update

Life is good.

The sun is shining, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer (for now) and spring break is just around the corner.

School is going well although I need to focus more and get some papers done. Work is work, making money and catching up finally so that's all that counts. People are okay. That's good. Still doing too much, but I'm not analyzing things as much and taking things for what they are. I'm making progress on Guitar Hero, which is not helping my focus on school work. Graduation is just around the corner and while I'm still anxious, I'm definitely excited.

I gave up lots of stuff for lent, less for the religious reasons and more for personal reasons. The list includes soda, chips, desserts, candy, chocolate, and FACEBOOK. It's been a struggle especially the facebook, but I'm hanging in there.

Never would have imagined that life would go by this quickly.

Peace and love

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Mary said...

No comment other than I love you....