Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ahhh only 16 days

Okay so 16 days is going by too quickly. I just want to thank everyone who made it to my going away party this weekend. It was really good to see everyone. I know I will see a few of you between now and when I leave, but those I don't it was good to wee you. Now it's crunch time. I made copies of all my documents today and now I have to start getting my clothes together and make a list of what else I need to get. I have to go and exchange some money so I have it when I get there. I'm at the library now and its telling me I have to get off the computer. I'll talk more tomorrow...I'm getting very excited

Congratulations to Adelle who gave birth this morning. Good Job waddles!

Currently listening to: Dave Matthews Band - Best of Whats Around Vol. 1 (Disc Two)

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