Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just over a month until I leave

Happy New Years

I guess its really starting to kick in now that I will be heading to the complete other side of the world in just over a month. This weekend I'll be traveling to NYC and Boston wrapping up a few things and saying my goodbyes. My grandparents just put up and atlas so they can see where I'm going to be and where my cousin Christopher is. He's heading to Sicily with the marines where he'll wait to be deployed over to Iraq again. Thursday night I had dinner w/ a bunch of the guys from high school and one of our teachers. It was good to talk about some great high school memories and realize that we are just as ridiculous as we were back then. The weirdest thing about Northeastern is that I still have a year left and all of my friends are graduating. When we left a couple said "the next time you see us we'll be college graduates." Its baffling how quickly four years has gone by. I can only imagine how quickly my four months in Australia are going to be. I've been looking at all kinds of guide books and Top 10 lists of things to do and I hope I have time to do half of what I want to.

I thought i was going to make it all year without snow, but we got about an inch this week in Upstate NY. The weather has been so abnormal lately that the cold feels abnormal now. Down in Sydney its summer. Can't wait to break out the shorts again and get into that ocean.

35 days.

Listening to Mat Kearney...look for a post about him soon

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