Thursday, February 1, 2007

Why Australia?

Well I've gotten alot of questions about of all the places in the world, why did I choose Australia? First off I've always thought of Australia as some kind of mystical place where kangaroos box people and dingos eat babies. Who wouldn't want to go there? Plus they have the Great Coral Reef and they had the Crocodile Hunter. Then there's Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts and Hugh Jackman...and then there's Men at Work. So it had its pluses and minuses. But really, I figured if I have 4 months I might as well go to a place that I may never get back to. Places like Ireland or Italy I could go to for a two or three week stay. The flight isn't exactly two days long like it is with Australia. Another good and bad thing about Australia is that they speak English (or sorta english, right mate?). It would have been nice to go and immerse myself in a culture to learn a language. Overall I decided that Australia would be a great experience on the other side of the world...with summer weather.

Now there was also the decision of what program in Australia to choose. There are about three or four offered by Northeastern and my top two choices were Sydney and Bond (at the Gold Coast). Bond is the popular program that is right on the beach and about 30-35 students from Northeastern go every semester. Sydney on the other hand is a major world city with easy access to the beaches. This program is a little less popular with more like 5-10 students going every semester. I decided I wanted to apply to the Sydney program because I love city life and just wanted to experience more than just sitting on the beach. I can do that in Florida. (I know it's not the same ocean or beach, but you know what I mean) So I went with Sydney and now there are five Northeastern students going. Me and four girls. What's nice about this is that I don't have to worry about constantly feeling like I have to go out with Northeastern students and it forces me a little bit to go out and experience the city and meet other people. Although honestly we all know I don't need encouragement to go out and meet people.

Because I'm the only guy on the trip from Northeastern I also lucked out and have a single room. It's a cool suite with a bathroom, kitchenette and lofted bed. I post some pictures of the sample room.

So that's why I chose Australia. Hopefully it will be everything I expect and more. From people who have been I believe it will be. Two weeks til departure. Can't wait.

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albanymom said...

I will miss you the most.