Thursday, February 22, 2007

First Big Weekend

Well the first week has been great. The weather has been great. Sunny and mid 70's to 80's. We have been to two beaches Bondi and Coogee. Bondi was slightly bigger and more touristy. Coogee was really nice, a better swimming beach than Bondi. No one else here is really into swimming, but thats fine I just run in and cool off. I have a mobile(cellphone) now. If anyone would like to call me internationally, you can call the mobile at 6120406694591. That should work, if not email's the cheaper way.

So we had our international orientation this week which was pretty uneventful. We have our classes, I'm just waiting to check my timetable (schedule). Next week is the normal orientation which is optional. This weekend though is going to be crazy.

Tonight we are going on a four hour harbour cruise. It's students from all of the local universities. So that cruise goes until Midnight and then we are going to a club afterwards. Then tomorrow morning we are going on an overnight trip to Hunter Valley (which is their wine country) for some vineyard tours and then a dolphin watch. Four of the five of us from Northeastern are going on the trip. It should make for a great weekend.

Food is okay down here. I've been eating a lot of Thai and Japanese food. Sushi down here is really good, really fresh. I've had a burger and it was just okay. I'm managing to find stuff thats edible and we cook a decent amount.

Well its 5:30pm at night and I'm going to take a nap before tonight. I'll write about the weekend when I get back on Monday. Until then Cheers.

PS. I swear I'll upload pictures soon. This morning I walked down to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera house and got some nice pictures....soon I swear.


Rich said...

dammit I want pics lol

Mary said...
how else will I be able to live my life vicariously?????
It sounds fabulous. You always adjust well, Shawn.
Love you...

albanymom said...

We all want pictures. Hope you have fun this weekend.Keep us posted

Deanie said...

Sounds like you are having way too much fun! You better come home now! LOL. Grey's is not the same without you. Looking forward to the pics and more stories. Miss you already!