Wednesday, December 13, 2006


So the newest musician I'm hooked on is Hodges. This guy is a singer/songwriter originally from Fort Worth, TX. He moved to LA where he started playing coffee houses, open mics, etc. Got booked to some festivals, was named one of Hollywood's "30 under 30" and continues to expand his fanbase. He is currently finalizing a record deal and the record should be out the first half of 2007. This guy is going to be big in 07...mark my words.

here at MTV i just gave my presentation to my department on him and I think it went really well. if you want to check out some of his songs you can visit is myspace page or his website Also you can check out a short clip of him on Go to Los Angeles and scroll down to Hodges...and i'm sure theres some live clips on YouTUbe if you search for them.

Tonight going to see Corinne Rae Bailey at Town Hall in NYC. Look for a review later.

Check out: Blink of An Eye by Hodges

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