Friday, June 15, 2007

Well I played lots of rummy...

Cairns Australia the resort destination...or not. So this trip has been sub par. Crappy weather was just the beginning of it. Today Nap and I signed up to go Skydiving. Got up early the sun was shining and there was blue skies. Then we get into Cairns to meet the bus and its overcast. By the time we get an hour away to the airport there is a steady mist coming down. They decide to see if it clears up and we chill in their house for about 2 hours before they call it a wash. So we head back into Cairns and grab a bite to eat. Which was also sub par. should have just gone with our first instinct of Subway. So tomorrow I thought I'd just go back to Sydney. Read the signs and get up and leave, but Nap said he'd kick my ass if I came all the way up here and didn't go to the reef. So after checking with the place that does the tour I knew I could do the tour and make it back for my 630 flight. Book the flight. Go to book the reef trip and they are like, you have a flight, you can't scuba then bc you can't scuba and fly within 24 hours of each other. So now I can go to the reef, but I can't scuba, only snorkel. Haven't decided if it'll will be worth it or not. If not I have another day to kill in this hell hole that is Cairns.

Anyways...that's been my weekend to a T. Oh and Nap kicked my ass in Rummy every time.

Can't wait to be home