Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bruce, Melissa, KappaSig, Marathons and more

Do you think it means something when you have no problem waking up at 7am to mentally prepare yourself to watch Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform live on The Today Show, but struggle when you have to get up for a class at 1:35pm? Hansen repeatedly tells me that there is something wrong with me. And not Chris Hansen from To Catch A Predator, my roommate. I don't think there is anything wrong necessarily, I just have a completely natural, healthy obsession with a 58 year old man from Jersey. And in the effort of full disclosure I also have this strange fascination with a 46 year old lesbian. The roommates asked who had DVR'd Regis and Kelly and I had to admit it was me, because ME had performed. What? They just speak to me okay!

In non music news, Kappa Sigma just wrapped up another strong rush week. It's weird to think that this was my last Fall rush as an undergraduate, weird and yet somehow liberating. Last night Kappa Sigma sponsored our 5th Annual Comedy Night with Colin Quinn and Stephen Lynch, who both had me laughing my ass off. Check them out if you haven't seen them.

I applied to run the Marathon for the Children's Hospital and will know the end of this week if I get a number. Been running pretty consistently, but this week got me a little messed up because of rush and some projects I had going on. Back on track tomorrow.

Start working at CPK again sometime this week. Free food is always good, and a paycheck again.

I guess I don't really have more right now, but I'm going to try and update more this week than I have been.

Thanks for the music.

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Tah said...

feel the love!!!
feel the love!!!
what a week in music!!!
do, do, do, do, do...
i'm lovin it!