Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bruce Springsteen 4/22/09 Night Two Recap

So after the first night I was able to score a floor seat for the second night. The way Bruce works the floor is there is a front pit and the general floor section. To get in the pit you have to get a wristband, then it's a lottery system. I was number 66 out of 636 and they picked 501. 350 of us were let in and when I got in I went straight to the stage on the left hand side in front of Clarence. While the first night was great, the second night blew it out of the water. Maybe it was proximity to the stage or the fact that I high-fived the man during Waitin' On A Sunny Day but something about the energy of this show was incredible. It's been almost two weeks and I'm still talking about it.

Maybe I'll end up at the show in Albany too?

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