Monday, November 20, 2006

Girls Like Boys

So the latest band that I can't stop listening to on my iPod is this group called Boys Like Girls. Their self titled debut Boys Like Girls includes songs such as "Five Minutes To Midnight" and "Dance Hall Drug". The first single to be released is "The Great Escape" and the first video is "Hero/Heroine". You can check out the video for "Hero/Heroine" on their Myspace page The guys are from Boston and have a little bit of a All American Rejects (who they are going to be opening for on the Tournado Tour)/Jimmy Eat World sound to them. After coming together late last year the boys were quick to hit the top of the unsigned acts charts on They have toured with Cute is What We Aim For... and Butch Walker among others. They are currently signed to Columbia Records.

These guys really know how to rock and you should definitely get your hand on their album. I have yet to see them live, but as soon as I do you can bet you will read about it here.

Currently Listening to: Boys Like Girls - "Thunder"

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