Monday, November 12, 2007

My day of nothing...

Well I haven't published too many blogs lately because I like to think that they are well thought out and pretty relevant. So while a few things have happened I just couldn't justify them in the blog to post them. My day, today is worth that effort.

Last night I worked at California Pizza Kitchen until about 10 o'clock. I've been working there for about a month now and its going very well. Hopefully next month when my schedule is more open I will be serving and not doing just take out. So I'm looking forward to that. A little more cash in my pocket would not be a bad thing. Unless it lets me afford an XBox360. Which is the focus of the last 24 hours of my life.

After work I went up to the Hill to Dustin and Steve's place because they are always talking about Halo and playing Halo and when I play on the random occasion, giving me shit because I suck, to put it plainly. End up shooting myself or teammates more often than not. Now this isn't because I have poor hand eye coordination or because I suck at video games, it's just because I am not familiar with Halo or the XBox 360 controllers. So a couple weeks back I said on Veteran's Day I'm going to highjack their apartment and play all day to get used to the game/controller. All of them had to work today which would give me the peace and quiet I needed to focus on my skills. (like nun chuck skills) So instead of getting up at the crack of dawn and walking to the hill to get in before everyone left I decided to go after work last night (bring food to bribe them) and crash on the couch.

I get to their place around 11:30pm. Watch the end of Chuck and Larry with Steve. Then everyone went to bed. That's when it started. Instead of going to bed and getting my rest before my big day I decided to get a head start. I joined the online community and signed up for my XBox Live account (which took about 30min). Then I played some of the single player adventure mode (the Gamers will correct me on this, mission mode?). Then I got into Online Multi player. When I got up to get a drink it was 5:15am and when I went to pee it was sunny out and people were getting ready for work.

Then I fell asleep and woke up at 12pm. Now where a normal person may have said okay time to get my day started and go home and shower and charge my phone, I did not do any of that. My breakfast was my leftover CPK food and I cracked another Coca-Cola and jumped right back into Multi-player. When I left their apartment for the first time today it was 8:00pm. 22hours after I started and during which 16hrs I was wearing a headset and yelling at random 12 year olds who probably should have been doing their multiplication tables, not using the language they were followed by "wolfpac, how long have you been playing? You suck."

All in all I played 49 games of Halo online and am currently a Corporal. Just about 1000 games before I catch up to the rest of the Parker Hill guys.

In other news classes are almost done for the semester. Only 4 weeks left and they aren't even full weeks. Working on a Music Video for my production class which has been a trip. We did Red Jumpsuit Apparatus "Face Down". You probably don't know the song. It got some play on MTV2 and MTVU, but other than that not a big radio hit I don't think. I am the coke using, girlfriend abusing star of the film that looks like it is going to come out awesome. I'll post it on here tomorrow night or Wednesday when it is finished.

The new members of Kappa Sigma rocked on Thursday night during Greek Follies, the annual song and dance routines of all the new members in Greek Life. Maybe I'll post that video too when I get it converted. They got second, although they deserved first.

Still no complaints here, except that I wish I were going to Springsteen on Thursday in Albany, and I kind of wish I had an XBox so I could be playing Halo right now.


"talk about a dream
Try to make it real
you wake up in the night
With a fear so real
Spend your life waiting
for a moment that just don't come
Well, don't waste your time waiting"
-Badlands Bruce Springsteen