Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner

So I just finished my first Thanksgiving dinner as host/cooker of the turkey. I decided a few weeks to host a pot-luck style Thanksgiving dinner at my apartment with my apartment and the 806 Parker guys. I must say it was pretty successful. The bird first off went off without any problems. It took a little longer to cook than anticipated and we didn't have any sharp knifes so carving became butchering, but the taste was good. Luz said that not only was it edible, but it was actually enjoyable. Everyone else brought various treats the usual mashed potatoes made by General Adams. His inner engineer came out while he was making them, commenting on how I was dicing not quartering the potatoes getting angry when I didn't measure the salt when I salted the water. They came out okay anyways. Green bean casserole, potato casserole, and biscuits rounded out the menu and of course desserts. I even made gravy from scratch that didn't turn out half bad.

Overall it was good night. Would have been nice to have more people to enjoy, but there definitely wouldn't have been enough food or room for anyone and it wouldn't have been a Thanksgiving dinner without a little bickering among brothers, but nothing that a few drinks didn't fix, or escalate.

While I'm pissed I wasn't at the Springsteen show, this was definitely the next best thing. I am very thankful for the friends I have and the great times we have. Looking forward to getting home for a few days at the end of the week. Then cranking out the last 2 weeks of the Fall Semester.

Feeling fat from all this food going to lie down.

Peace and Thanks

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