Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthday, Grad Party, and Friends

Well two weekends in a row I've had the time of my life. First I was able to go to the cape for a weekend and take a full day to hang out in the sun on the beach. Then this past weekend I was able to share my birthday and graduation celebration with friends and family to make for one kick-ass weekend.

Friday night Albany and Boston collided when we took Lark Street by storm and taught the Bostonian what happens when bars stay open past two. The Shate 08 pub crawl lacked the -ate but we still enjoyed ourselves starting with SoCo and lime shots at Legends and getting kicked out of Bayou at 3am after some intense sing-a-longs reminiscent of basement parties at 8 Eldora. Just when we thought the night was over (after momma Caitlin ushered us all into cabs) we made one last stop, Dino's pizza. Like Pizzeria 54 in Downtown Albany or Sunrise or Little Stevies in Boston, Dino's was delicious probably because of the deadly combination of our intoxication and the time of night. Then it was off to Rose Ct.

The following morning was an early one for some of us. The weather was Sunny from the start and by the time everything was set up and the official kick off started at 1pm the bathing suits were on and the cannonballs started. The weather never wavered (although I may have). Friends and from from across the Northeast came to celebrate and make it a special day. Thank you for that. The keg was shortly after beer pong started. The quote of the night may have been my grandmother just before midnight..."I'm glad you are playing this game. You seem to be sobering up by how bad you are playing."

After two long nights of drinking we called it a night just after One. The thunderstorms were intense Sunday morning and made for a perfect Sunday Funday. Our attempts at a double feature were thwarted by the 'intelligent' schedulers at Regal and we were only able to see The Incredible Hulk. I'd give it a solid B. Good, but not incredible. More food and cake and birthday presents and then Sunday night we kicked back watched some Dateline, read some books (The Art of Racing in the Rain, and The Last Lecture were gifts that I got over weekend and were so good that not only did I finish them already, but I also was moved to tears both times). A quick late night dip to cool off and then we passed out for the last time in the 518 for this trip.

An early morning bus ride today proved disasterous, although not because of anything we did. We arrived 45 minutes before departure, secured our tickets and sat down and immersed ourselves into our books. About 20 min prior to departure we lined up to make sure we got a seat. We were still standing in line 40 minutes after our scheduled departure with no sign of our bus, or anyone that cared to explain the delay. We finally were asked to change gates and our bus was loaded. Steve and I got the last two seats before people were bumped to the later bus. Now we are already an hour delayed and the bus driver announces that we have to make an unscheduled stop in Springfield, but would not be making the other stops. Fine. Well when we get off the exit for Springfield, the bus driver asks anyone who may know how to get to the bus station to come to the front of the bus to give him directions.

Needless to say we made in one piece back to Boston. Tonight barring thunderstorms and rain we are going to the Red Sox game. Then a couple days of work and then down to NYC to see the Mets Yankees game for my first trip to Yankees Stadium and a possible double header at Shea Stadium also a first for me. So we will see.

Thanks again. Love you all.

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Mary said...

I am so glad you liked the book....I wanted something to inspire, lift, and move to tears..I guess I picked a winner.
I will inscribe it next time..was afraid to before in case you had already received it....Happy you, Aunt Mary