Saturday, October 11, 2008

"look at us all grown up"

Those were the words out of Matt Nathanson's mouth at the Berklee Performance Center last night. From afterHOURS at Northeastern to free concerts in Copley Park, back to Northeastern to Tufts, and back again, Matt Nathanson has been a local favorite of mine. Originally from Lexington, MA and since transplanting to San Francisco he has been a constant part of the Boston music scene. For years he lived just under the radar. Putting out nearly a dozen CDs and getting rave reviews, but never quite breaking. This year was his year. He's all grown up. A feature on VH1, a single, a sellout crowd, and FINALLY a tour bus. My good friend Megan has moved up from Merch Girl to Tour Manager and things are going really well. Some people would be annoyed that 'their' band isn't their band anymore, but I can't be more excited for Matt. He deserves it (no matter what the Globe says) and he still took the time to meet fans out by the bus after and signed almost everything that everyone had.

Although I was shadowing for work, I did see the majority of the show. From Car Crash and Come On Get Higher to I Saw and Suspended, Matt's words ring true for almost everyone. He ended the night with one of my favorite songs 'Answering Machine' which as my co-worker pointed out shows how long he's been playing/writing music.

If you don't know him. Check him out

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7th grade homeroom said...

You have certainly had a very musical week! Love to catch up with you by way of blog, even if I do not know any of the artists for the most part! Thanks for the updates.