Thursday, October 9, 2008

Toby Lightman/Lucy Woodward/Rachel Platten

Here is my review from the show on Tuesday. I have had quite the week in music and it doesn't stop here. Tonight I'm going to the Roxy for the Jason Mraz performance and tomorrow night is Matt Nathanson/Jessie Baylin. Look for those reviews coming up.

Let me tell you. I went into this night expecting it to be a great show. These three ladies exceeded all expectations. Although the crowd at 939 chose to spend the majority of the night sitting on the floor, the ladies plowed through 3 hours of rocking music. Rachel, a Newton native, opened the show with a strong set. Her catchy tunes and playful attitude encourage a few adventurous patrons to stand and dance along. Lucy came up next and mixed some soulful originals with a cover from the Jungle Book that definitely brought me back and got me on my feet grooving along. And last but certainly not least was Toby Lightman. Two years ago (the last time she was in Boston) I saw Toby open for Rob Thomas and Jewel and was blown away. Tonight as a headliner she did it again. With a simple set-up of bass, drums and her on guitar she played some old songs, some new songs, and some 'alter-ego' songs that she isn't really quite sure where they came from. She gave the boys a rest on a couple and it was just her and her guitar and some "love, love, love." To close the night she sang one last solo song dedicated to those in the 'Front Row'. These girls deserve all the praise they get and if you missed the show make sure to get out and see them. Or check them out in our friends on MySpace. Buy a CD (Lucy's being distributed by Barnes & Noble or listen for Toby on HSN) go to a show and you will definitely ENJOY THE MUSIC.

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