Thursday, March 19, 2009

SXSW Day 1

Ok. So I'm a little tired. The worst part was I woke up at 8:59, my free breakfast ended at 9pm. Awful. Yesterday was day one and I personally think it was a great pre-game for the rest of the week. I took it kind of easy. This is who I saw:

Ten Out Of Tenn - Caught a quick two three songs from these guys. I've seen these guys before and they are really great. I'm trying hard not to repeat bands I've seen previously, because it just takes away from why I'm doing this.
Roman Candles - These guys came on at the same British showcase that Ten Out Of Tenn were. It was really awesome and this was the first band of the day that I know I want to get to come play The Red Room. They are out of Nashville and even had a couple Ten Out of Tenners out to sing on a song.
Heartless Bastards - Her voice is just mesmorizing. It's very deep and had I not seen them on David Letterman, I would have thought it was a male lead. These guys know how to rock. They are probably too big for The Red Room, but still a great show.
Janelle Monae - This was a suggestion of a friend and let me tell you it blew me away. This girl can sing and she rocks out. With the soul and swagger of Amy Winehouse and the funk of Outkast (she is friends with these guys and Big Boi is performing tonight), Janelle isn't likely to be the unknown Grammy nominee for long. That's right she was nominated for best new artists and you now that I told her about you, you have to check her out.
Jessica Lea Mayfield - I've had Jessica tabbed on my computer for about a year after I saw a write-up about her on PopCandy so I knew I wanted to get to this show. At 20 years old, Jessica has built up some considerable buzz. While I wasn't blown away at her performance I was definitely impressed.
Angie Mattson - Caught her for a couple songs before Joe Pug. Really interesting. I'm going to spend some more time looking into her.
Joe Pug - Joe was supposed to play The Red Room and for whatever reason didn't really work out. So I knew he was playing and decided to check out a few songs. Really great singer/songwriter with a little country/americana feel. Solidified trying to get him into the room.
Delta Spirit - Okay so I KNOW I said that I wasn't going to see bands that I've seen, but these guys are SOOO good. I mean mindblowing soulful rock. They just put so much into their music and they are the real deal. No doubt in my mind that these guys will see some great press and rewards from this weekend. They played a new song which gets me really excited that they will be going back into the studio after they get back from a European tour.

So that was a really brief recap of day one. I'm actually in a panel about blogging as I type so I'm going to go, but I'll try and include links to all the bands later.


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