Tuesday, March 31, 2009

People, C'mon

Well it's been a week since South By and I'm still re-living the moments. It was right back to work so I haven't really had a chance to sit back and write about all the bands I saw, but I will, I hope. Work is good. A lot going on as the students wind down for the semester. We are already booking into June which is crazy talk. This week we have the last Executive Session of the semester Natalie Maine's dad and Acapella Friday night. Also the one year celebration of the club with three alum/student groups on Saturday. Steven's going to the KS formal as are a lot of people so it will probably be a pretty quiet weekend. Although after a week of detox after Texas I'm ready to go out again.

Thursday night will probably go to Northeastern's alumni center to grab a drink to celebrate Rebecca's new job (She's coming to Berklee yay!). Then its home to settle in for 3 hours of the end of ER. The end of an ERa. Growing up we had one night a week we could stay up as late as we want and pretty much do whatever we want, within reason. That's when I first saw ER. Carter was just an intern who had never been in an ER and Carol was supposed to die. 15 years later the hospital I grew up with, and which at one point had me wanting to be a doctor, will leave the air for good. (I once even watched a season finale from the Albany Med ER, a girlfriend had put her teeth through her lower lip and needed stitches.) Hopefully they do Michael Crichton and the original writers, and the characters the justice they deserve.

I might be going to New Orleans in June. Berklee pays for 4 Faculty and 4 Staff members to go and volunteer their time and build houses for Habitat for Humanities in a music village down there. I'm applying this week and will hear back the first week in May. Wish me luck.

Another casting call I may attend for fun this weekend, but look for more details on that later.



MaryBeth said...

Hi Shawn, I played at Cafe 939 in October of 08 and have been trying to get back in with no luck. I have a newly released CD and am supporting it... I've had recent radio play,etc. etc. Just trying my best to get back into one of the best rooms I've played, thanks!
MaryBeth Maes

Mary said...

Just checking in..miss you.
What do you mean growing up you had one night to stay up late? Are you done growing up? You are still only like ten right? Time flies.. I love you.