Saturday, April 18, 2009

I suck at blogging again

I know. I've not been good at blogging lately, but I'm working on it. I really want to get back into writing more and about more things and maybe finish that movie/book/tv pilot I'm writing. I was talking about it to someone the other day and they like it, so back to that soon. Things are crazy here at work, but good crazy. Trying to make some changes and seeing resistance, but I'm just remember that I can't change everything or that changes don't happen instantly. Serenity!

Music is great. Everyday finding new stuff and rediscovering old stuff. Trying to me less ADD and more focused on things and get the ball rolling on my 10 year plan. It's scary to think that I have a 10 year plan (and that I'll be 34 when I get to the end of it) but I have goals and if I want to make it happen, I have to start now. Too bad saving money is hard when all I want to do is go to shows. I'm not one to ask for favors and with the state of the music industry, live music is the only income these people are having. So I'll pay the $20 to see a band or $100 Million to see BRUCE! This week has been crazy. Working events day and night trying to get new stuff in here and more exposure for the cafe. But I'm getting tired. Late nights, early mornings. Hopefully I do it now and it pays off by the end of this 10 year plan.

Artists to check:

Toby Lightman / Lucy Woodward / Rachel Platten
Last night these three ladies graced our stage for the second time. Their voices really blow me away. Something very soothing and soulful about all of them.

Cage The Elephant
This show is coming up in a couple weeks and they are alternative country type and it just rocks. These guys are really starting to pick up steam in the blogs and press and I'm sure the show is going to sell out in a couple weeks.

The Hold Steady
I have been listening to Massive Nights for a while since I got it on a compilation disc a couple months ago, but after seeing an interview with them down at South By and getting some more urgings from friends I've been listening to the albums the past week or so. 'Chips Ahoy" is a great track about horse racing and drugs. The DJ for the event yesterday said their sound is "if Bruce Springsteen and Thin Lizzy birthed a band". Check it out for serious!

Delta Spirit
Still spreading the Delta Spirit love. Check the last post for more info on these guys. Long day that pounding bass drum really hits hard.

It's marathon weekend and there are Red Sox games, Bruins and Celtics are in the playoffs so the city is alive with tourists and runners. It's annoying because everything is crowded and people walk slow, but I love that the city is alive again. Summer is almost here.

No hot water this morning so it was a cologne shower this morning. Hopefully I'll get some time to run home this afternoon and freshen up. Looking for apts for next year or at least I should be. Looking for a roommate, but it may be time to grab a studio. Probably get more writing and focus on. TV has been running my life. So many great shows on right now. Will be happy when they wrap for the summer. More motivation to get outside and enjoy the sun.

We'll talk soon. I promise.

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