Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cameron Diaz, Doubles, and Trust

First off, Cameron Diaz and I are meant to be together. Although she is a little too tall for my tastes, and is allegedly a supporter of the Matthew McConnaghy 'Au Natural' deodorant, I have twice had the opportunity to cross paths with her and twice think that she totally dug me. First time was back at MTV when she was promoting the Holiday on TRL. Most recently, she was in the CPK at Boston and as she and her assistants left (she is filming outside Boston at the Milford Academy) I said 'have a great evening ladies' and she turned and winked at me on her way out. One word, ladies and gentleman, FATE.

Second, today I worked my first double in over a year and let me tell you, I forgot how much it sucks. The opportunity to make some extra cash presented it self and I foolishly volunteered my Sunday to work a 12 hour shift on Take Out at CPK. I must have been drunk when I accepted this torture, I mean offer. It wasn't even a slow Sunday. I did about $2500 in sales for the day. Not bad, if i was a server on the floor with those numbers, I could have walked home with $500. In due time, in due time.

In this time of technology and digital media, there are more ways to communicate than ever before. But something about the technology has destroyed personal, face-to-face communication. Why call someone or stop by to see them, when you can just send them an email. I'm as guilty as anyone. I'll send an email or text message to my roommate who is one room away from me.

But are all these advancements hurting us? Is it really a global community if everyone is sitting in a 4 x 4 box of their own? While I was in Australia I was able to call my mother and speak to here like I was in the next room even though I was almost a day in the future, but when I'm sitting in the same room as someone I can't say half the stuff I can say behind the computer screen. Xbox live is a prime example of how people who are socially awkward can sit on their couch or recliner in their underwear and plan and carry out complex missions and objectives, but couldn't get up and give a 5 minute presentation if they were being paid for it.

With all the different forms of communication available now, there are also an infinite times more branches in the grapevine. A comment made to one person is on facebook, myspace, youtube, text messages, emails, phone calls all in the matter of seconds and what if done face to face would be understood as confidential, is now public record. I feel like confidentiality statements more typically found on fax and business emails now need to be attached to everything as a reminder that you do not have the right to pass on any information. Or should it just be assumed that no one is trustworthy and everything you say can and will be used against you?

I mean I get it. Nobody wants to put themselves in a position of confrontation. It's easier to let someone down or give them bad news if you don't have to see their reaction. That's why it's easier to break up with someone on the phone, or cancel on someone by email. Wasn't it K-Fed who found out he was getting a divorce by a text? And didn't Hogan just find out when a reporter asked him about it?

The world seems to be going in two opposing directions, technology is moving forward and causing society to move backwards. At least in my humble opinion.

On a lighter note, the Boss played Santa Claus Is Coming To Town last night, so the holiday season is officially in effect. This next week of my life is probably going to be hell, because I have two papers, a presentation (in about 8 hours), and have to put together a video project all by Dec 10. Seems like not a lot of work in a relatively long amount of time, but I'm a procrastinator. Which is why I'm up now and not working on my projects or sleeping. I'm observing the world instead.

Six months from today is graduation. That's a very sobering thought.


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Bruce Springsteen - "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town"

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