Thursday, January 22, 2009

NYC (Part 2)

Okay. I have a ton to write about, but before I get to the new stuff let's recap the rest of the GREAT evening in NYC. Ok so after a long day of seemingly not accomplishing anything, Jaclyn and I sat down on the couch and started searching for a good Mexican place. Here's the problem, we couldn't make a decision for the life of us. We had it narrowed down to either near the comedy club or near the East Village. We keep looking at MenuPages and Yelp and TimeOut and every restaurant guide there was. Good food bad drinks, great drinks okay food. We kept going back and forth. Then about 4 hours later Emily walks in from the gym and goes how about we try this place. We go "Sure". Get dressed, head out and have a delicious meal. I got the Chili Rellenos which were stuffed chili peppers. Delicious with just the right amount of spice. This was the start of the good luck (although we didn't do too bad waiting at Corner Bistro). We walked into the restaurant and it had at most 12 tables. Almost all of them were full. We told them party of 3 and it was like we were VIP or someone farted, but the restaurant basically cleared out.

We had a couple drinks with dinner and then it was off to R Bar where Jaclyn was supposed to meet her friend Tracy. So if I had to choose, my choice of bar is more low key, sports/college bar, but every once and a while I enjoy a nicer bar. If anyone from Boston is reading, R Bar is very similar to Saint or Gypsy Bar. Normally I would hate this but tonight it was a blast. Again there was no line when we walked in and we stayed for a drink or two and waited to see if Tracy was going to make it. It got closer to the comedy show time so we decided to bail. Turns out Tracy was in line which was at least 50 people deep. Our timing and luck was changing considerable.

Jumped in a cab and headed over to MacDougall. While we had reservations for the comedy show we still wanted to get there relatively early to get a good seat. The early show was still going so we went to the bar upstairs for a couple drinks. The bar upstairs is where all the comics hang out before and after the shows. So we walked in and Ben Bailey of Cash Cab was there hanging and Godfrey of 7-Up commercials and other things. Both of these guys were doing our show as well. One of the guys that was a friend of the comedians was Mike Magee a soccer player who played for the NY Red Bull before switching to LA Galaxy (with Beckham). So I over heard that he was a soccer player and heard people talking about Beckham. When Jaclyn came back from the bathroom I was telling her about him and was like that guy over there is a soccer player. Apparently I wasn't whispering though because he yelled across the room, "You can only talk about me if you know what team I play for." I ordered another round to hide my embarassment and made friends with the bartenders who hooked us up with some sweet seats. Show was starting up so we headed downstairs. Not only did we get a great seat, but we prob had the best seats in the house. Right up front on the right side of the stage. Best part great seats, worst part right up front. Apparently my cream polo sweater screams make fun of me. EVERY comedian except one decided it was pick on whitey night. I went from the Whitest kid in the room, to sweater, to "I bet you were the president of your frat" (I was). The funniest guy of the night was Sherrod Smalls. He really gave it to me and I seemed to be his go to guy when something went really well or really bad. Definitely check him out if you get a chance. It was all in good fun and I liked to play along and I just kept the drinks coming. Show was over we headed back upstairs to the bar and got to chat with the host and Ben briefly. Apparently Gerard Butler (300) was in the crowd too, and he took pictures afterward for people who went out the front exit. Overall it was a really great night. Comedy Cellar never fails me.

We stopped at Mamouns go get some Shawarma and Falafel for a late night snack (recommended by the one and only Barbara Dang) and headed back uptown.

Next day we went to brunch and laid low. I headed out for the 6:30 bus back to Boston. The bus leaves from a random street corner in the city so it's always a little chaotic figuring out what bus we need to get on. A girl behind me was on my bus so we kind of stuck together until we were on the bus. She sat down across from me and goes, "This is going to sound really weird but were you at the Comedy Cellar last night? Did they all call you sweater?" If that isn't a small world story then I don't know what is.

Snow meant the roads were terrible, and a 4 hour 15 minute trip became a 6 hour trip. It was totally worth it though and I cannot wait to get back down to NYC. Maybe this time we'll get our ass out of bed and get SNL tickets.

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