Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Come Hell or...

High Water. And it was exactly that. Nearly 4ft of water almost kept my family from going to the Outer Banks, NC this year, but like most other obstacles we made it through. With some help from some family and some bleach and elbow grease, we managed to clean up from Rose Ct's Hurricane Katrina and a bent L bracket in the van to make it on the road by noon time on Saturday.

A week with only one real washout on Wednesday was another success. There was lots of sun, lots of beach, some pool, some mooning, and lots of book reading. I cranked through Five Skies (good after get past the first part), Choke (not for the faint of heart), The Crucible (there was a reason I didn't read it in High School), and Twilight (a little girly, but still a good read. Now it's on to the other 4 and a movie in November)

My drink the Sparkling Funny Cider made it into the top 6 drinks in a Travers' Week drink competition run by Steve Barnes of the Timesunion. Although I didn't come in first place, the drink is still delicious and we enjoyed several on vacation.

I got the job at Berklee's Cafe 939 and it started today with a lot of meeting different people and a horrible ID card. The lighting makes me look like a balding 35 year old so I may have that retaken. The people are awesome and I can't wait to get my hands dirty with some of the real work. Look here for tons of new music as once again my life will be filled with it. I'm ecstatic...aren't you.

The big move to the new apartment comes in just under two weeks. I'm starting to pack up my room, but I just don't have the energy. I hate packing. Also, many of you have volunteered to donate things for the new place and I am definitely grateful and interested. Not really sure what we need because Steve has some stuff as well, but stay tuned for a complete list of needs in the next couple weeks.

Also Grandpa Wolfgang had some surgery today to clean out some artery. He's resting and doing well. Thinking about you all day Gramps. Hope you feel better soon.

Deli Plus is SOLD. It's a bittersweet day. After preparing myself for what seems like forever for the inevitable end, it's still hard to think something that has been such a major part of our lives is no longer ours. It's a little less stress but as Abigail said "Where are we supposed to get our Philly Steaks?" or our potato logs. I guess we'll just have to re-do the kitchen so Dad can make them all at home.

Busy week for the Wolfgangs and now it's Gould(Hayes) time. Caitlin gets married on Friday. It's weird enough for aunts and uncles to get married, and then friends from High School, but Caitlin, really? I get to do a reading at mass and I'm sure knowing the crowd it will be a great reception.

Stay tuned for all the details.

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Tedi said...

Hey Shawn,
I hope you don't think I'm a creep for finding your blog, it's just that I've signed up for Google Alerts and anytime Cafe 939 gets mentioned I get a posting sent. And that's how I found your blog. I only read a few recent entries relating to the new JOB. We're really happy that you're a part of the team now! Have a great Thursday.