Saturday, August 30, 2008

Moving Day for the Wolfgang Boys

Busy day in the Wolfgang house. Petey's off to Siena, Mark back to Baltimore, and I got the keys to my new apartment. The place is awesome. Bright with a couple skylights, hardwood floors in the room and a decent size living area. I have almost everything in and are just waiting to move my dresser and desk chair. Steve still has a lot of stuff to move in. The pictures below are a shot of the kitchen area, the living area, and both of the rooms. Hopefully the next couple days we will have more stuff unloaded and get our couch and tv and bedrooms set up. Definitely excited to be in the new place. Dinner tonight in Cambridge at Border Cafe with some of the guys and then back to unpacking.

Happy Belated Anniversary Gram and Pa!! 59 years!

Happy Belated Birthdays to Aunt Pat, Deanie and Aunt Gin! Hope you all had great days!

PS I won the Megamillions last night
PPS By won I mean I had one number and the megaball and won $3.

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