Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Well Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. Hope you all enjoyed your day and it was sunny and relaxing :)

My mother's day was CRAZY. But CRAZY in a good way. It was a beautiful day here so Alex, Barbara, Matt, and I all went to the park and tossed a frisbee for a little while before heading over to the poker game. The week has been a good one for everyone all around with at least one of the four of us in the top 5. Matt got 1st and 2nd Barbara first and Alex made final table at least once. I was due to do well and I did. I was getting all the cards I needed and made it to the final table as the small stack. First two hands I doubled up though and was in a good position. They do a door prize right before the final table and I won $50 from the door prize so already I was happy with my night. When I made it to top 3 I went all in on Q 10 and lost. But I still walked away from the night with $75. We grabbed some food on the walk home and decided to watch some movies. So we watched The Rules of Attraction and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It was about 2am and no one had early classes on Monday or was tired so we put in Reality Bites. Matt and I were the only two to make it through the majority of the movie. I thought it was really good. It's funny how different things are now from 10 years ago in the mid-nineties. Overall it was a good story.

Now I guess you would say, Shawn that isn't that CRAZY of a night, but that is just the beginning. Now its 4:30am and Barbara has taken a nice nap during the movie, I snoozed for a 20min power nap and Matt was wide awake as well. We were out of movies but we thought, Why not walk down to Sydney Harbour and watch the sunrise? So we all went back to our rooms grabbed some pants and hoodies and headed out. We decided to grab a bus there and get breakfast at Pancakes on the Rocks(24hr restaurant similar, but better than iHop). We had about an hour and a half before the sun came up and we were all hungry. We sat down and all picked out our breakfasts, then Barbara suggested we split nachos because they looked so good the last time. Nachos and Eggs didn't seem to go together too well, but we thought what the heck. When our waiter came over he was very friendly. You could tell he worked the overnight shift and that we may in fact be the only people he had talked to all night long. We asked him how the nachos were and he said they were good, but the best ones he had ever had were at some place called "taco bell" that they used to have in Sydney about 3 years ago. We didn't have the heart to tell him that you shouldn't say you're nachos are not quite as good as taco bell, and we actually ordered them anyways. Matt and I ordered and it was Barbara's turn. She ordered her meal and asked for toast, which our friendly waiter replied "We actually don't have toast" (which was fine, but this comment was followed up with a 5 min conversation about a Spanish gentleman who came in and asked for bread as well and yelled at him for not serving bread in a restaurant and then ended up ordering their herb pizza crust appetizer) So Barbara looked over the menu again and said okay "I'll get the Margherita pizza crusts". Stupidly the waiter asked if she was replacing her meal. Barbara said "NO, I want both." When everything came out we looked like pigs. The crusts barbara ordered was in fact a small pizza, we each had our meals, and we had a big plate of nachos. The worst part is that about 10 minutes later there was nothing left. The nachos weren't better than Taco Bell and the pizza was one step down from frozen pizza from the supermarket, but the breakfast food was all delicious. We paid the bill and rushed out to under the bridge to see the sun come up. When we go to the Bridge the harbour was so foggy that we couldn't see the bridge or across the way to the Sydney Opera House. One guy jogging by saw us taking pictures and say "This is really rare, doesn't happen often". That was our luck, the one day we decide to go see the sun come up, is the one day that a freakish fog covers the city.

After our meal for a small army we decided it was best to WALK back the half hour to campus. There were lots of morning joggers and powerwalkers out for their apparent morning routines. As one couple walked past I made a comment saying "Man I'm glad we had the energy to get up and power walk." I was not trying to make fun of the couple who seemed to be enjoying themselves, I was commenting on how lazy we were, but it was still met with a middle finger from the lady walking and a dirty look from her husband. O well.

We made it home around 8am and watched two episodes of Friends before passing out. It was just a very fulfulling night of absolute nothing that could have been a Seinfeld episode. Felt like something you would do in 8th grade to defy your parents. "did you hear what Shawn did last night? He stayed up ALL night and his parents don't even know."

Have a great week.

PS. A small note on how awesome technology is. Over the weekend I received a myspace message from my cousin Chris who is currently deployed in the Middle East. Crazy to think about life without internet/cell phones/email etc.

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