Friday, May 11, 2007

You know you're from Albany, NY when...

You've ever been to Larkfest or the Tulip Festival.

You refer to the interchange of the Thruway and the Northway as "The 24 Tolls".

You still call the Pepsi Arena "The Knick".

You can correctly pronounce the words Kosciuszko, Cohoes, Coeymans, and Kayaderosseras.
(For more challenging names, see my Albany pronunciation site.)

You know what The Egg is.

You know what and where Nipper is.

You expect to see nothing but grey between the months of November and May.

You remember when Crossgates was only half as big as it is now. Bonus points if you know what store was there before Best Buy. -Caldor

You've ever rooted for the River Rats.

You grew up on Channels 6, 10, and 13.

The word "dredge" immediately conjures up thoughts of GE.

Spring means potholes.

You never expect them to pass the budget on time.

You are only mildly irritated by double-parked cars.

You know the 3 closest Stewart's shops to your house.

You've ever eaten something from Freihoffer's or Breugers.

You know where the governor's house is.

You've never called I-87 anything other than "The Northway".

Okay, maybe you've called it "The Thruway", too. Depends which side of Albany you're from.

You know when there's going to be traffic on the Twin Bridges.

You know that there are two different Route 7s off the Northway. Bonus if you know there used to only be one.

Hippo's has it.
You know what's at "1960 Central Ave., 3 miles west of Northway exit 2W".
"People 'auto' shop here."
"Hurt in an auto accident? You know who to call..."

You know what SPAC stands for.

Siena moving up to Division 1 was a big deal.

You go to or know someone who goes to UAlbany.

You know what SUNY means.

You know what a Karner Blue is.

You know what a pine barren is and where you can find one.

You know who the Albany Attack were.

You know somewhere in the Hudson that's clean.

Poughkeepsie is "downstate".

Arbor Hill and Hamilton Hill are as bad as Camden to you.

You know which lake people are talking about when they say "the lake".

Track season is the biggest time of year.

You remember the Cinema 10 in Northway Mall.

You've ever gone up in the Corning Tower.

You know where Buildings 1, 2, 3, and 4 are.

The name Arbor Hill doesn't bring anything plant-related to mind.

You've ever taken the Crosstown.

You know where the Stockade is.

You know which city is the Collar City and which is the Electric City.

Sunday, 5:00 PM, Exit 24 Tolls: I thought everyone had E-ZPass by now...

You've spent the equivalent of the GDP of Nicaragua trying to win a stuffed animal at the Great Escape.

You think Saratoga is classy.

You know Colonie Center is the mall to be seen trying to not be seen.

You or someone you know has grandparents in Amsterdam.

Your parents have asked you to consider SUNY Plattsburgh.

Your goal was to be the Gazette's Student Athlete of the Week.

If you're from Schenectady then Troy might as well be Mars to you and vice versa.

Milk = Stewart's, Cookies = Freihofer's. End of story.

You can't give directions to Albany Med to save your life.

It doesn't bother you that the Northway has no Exit 3.

It also doesn't bother you that Central Ave. is State Street at the other end.

January Regents Week holds a special place in your heart.

You know that somehow Sand Creek Road is the shortcut to everywhere.

You know the school colors of every school in your division.

If there's a chance of a snow day then every radio in your house is tuned to WGY.

You've argued with your parents to take the car out in the middle of a blizzard.

You refer to the place where I-87 crosses the Mohawk River as "The Twins".

You remember Ranger Danger (say, isn't he on Pyx 106 now?)

You can name 5 schools in the Suburban Council.

You have an ingrained taste for concrete architecture.

You know "The Track" is The August Place To Be.

You know it's "Awl -buh-nee", not "Al -buh-nee" or, even worse, "All-ben-nee".

You can think of at least 4 different ways to get to Stuyvesant Plaza from the same starting point.

You know what "Harvard on the Hudson" is.

You remember when Hannaford was still Shop 'n' Save.

You consider walking to the Plaza on the 4th of July because you know it'll be about the same time to drive there and find a spot to park.

You know that Mason & Sheehan isn't a cheap Champagne.

You know what a guy Ken Goewey is.

You know that AirTite Windows knocked Resnick's sign down (but then put it back up).

You know who Nina (of Manchester) and her husband are, and how they sell diamonds for less than 33%.

Everybody likes Jack Byrne.

You thought Hoffman's Playland was the bomb as a child.

You know that "The Berkshire Spur" isn't a foot ailment.

You know that "My dad Terry Morris is still number one!"

You’ve eaten at Bomber’s one too many times.

You’re bummed that the Firebirds left.

You know that you do nothing but eat and drink at the Pump Station.

You remember when Westgate Plaza used to be THE place to shop.

You know the Times Union is your source.

If there's even a chance of snow Ichabod Crane will be closed.

You refer to Albany as "the 518".

You know what "I Love" is.

You know at least three people whose last names start with "Van".

You have your choice of cities on First Night.

You know who Neil Golub is.

You know what used to be where Cohoes is at Crossgates -The Wiz

When someone meantions river rats you think hockey.

Thursday during the summer means Alive at Five and seeing everyone you know from High School.

You feel special because the Giants train in your city.

You love Madison Pizza and somehow always found yourself crammed in there with 40 other people.

You've heard of, or better yet been to, Indian Ladder Orchards.

Your parents or your friends parents work for the state...

Just showing some love to the 518.
Til Later


Mary said...

I can really date myself and add a few...
You know that Gaspary's used to be the place to be on a Friday night.

You know that Maginn really is McCloskey and VI

You know what Central Market became

You know that "show no MERCY" referred to keeping away "those" girls from the CBA boys

You know the BEST place to watch a high school football game was Bleeker Stadium

You know that taking the bus was a step down from driving but one large step up from riding in a taxi

Love ya....

albanymom said...

I just love all of those. I could probably add to Aunt Mary's list! It is a smallalbany after all.

unclesteve said...


Good Stuff..

Mary for some of us the Iron Horse was the Friday night spot.

Albany Public was the supermarket or Trading Port

Albany Highschool was new

And someone always painted the canons blue and gold

Sean hope all is well

Uncle Steve