Thursday, May 24, 2007


So after my 50th post everything that was kind of up in the air and out of whack, fell into place. I ended going alone to poker Wednesday night which is exactly what I needed. It's kind of like running, you put everything else out of your head and just run, or in this situation play poker. I ended finishing 2nd on the night with $75 and sprinted back to make sure I was back in time to go out with the gang. I was back with plenty of time and we went out to a place called Establishment downtown. It was a really nice bar, but a little too fancy for my liking. Anytime I have to put on khakis for anything, usually makes me a little uncomfortable. But it was fine. Barbara's sister Diana has been travelling around Australia/Fiji/New Zealand the past few weeks and is now actually going to Bali then Shanghai before heading back to the states so this was sort of a goodbye night out for her. On a sidenote, yesterday Diana got all the way to the airport to check in for her flight and realized that her flight was today. So we all had a great time at Establishment. A lot of things that were on peoples minds (mostly mine I feel like, but whatever) were discussed and put out there and surprisingly it all worked out. At least in my eyes. Now I hope we'll be able to live it up these last few weeks without any of the crap. There shouldn't be anything holding us back now.

Speaking of holding nothing back, on the walk home from Establishment, (I made us walk because I really wanted KFC and the only open KFC was on the walk home. Turns out KFC is closed on Wednesday nights and its only open 24hrs on the weekends)we settled for McDonalds. Apparently Alex tripped and fell on her way up the stairs. Barbara and I didn't notice because we were running to place our orders. When I woke up the next morning we all felt so gross and couldn't remember why. Then we realized it may have been the Big Mac, Large Frie, and 20 piece chicken nugget that we ate in the middle of the night. I guess we all just needed food and a McDonalds was the closest thing to home cooking we were going to get at that time.

Yesterday was a blah day. It was nice and sunny, but cool again. We went and played poker and we were all tired out from the night before so we just came back and watched movies. We watched City of God, which is probably one of the best movies I've seen in a really long time. Really well made cool cuts and cinematography and the story line is insane. It's based on a true story which makes it even more interesting. We started Remember the Titans again but I passed out somewhere before the run to Gettysburg. Earlier in the day the girls talked us into watching The Holiday, which I thought was awful. Don't get me wrong, there are enough women in our family that I've seen my fair share of chick flicks, but this was just horrendous. The plot moved painfully slowly and there was only one or two points in the movie where I even felt slightly invested in the lives of the characters. At least when Spiderman 3 was bad it was unintentionally funny.

Today the plan was to go to the beach, but it's already 11am and no one else is awake yet. I'm going to go make the rounds and wake everyone up. Talk to you soon.


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