Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where I'm at (post 50)

So this is the 50th post of my blog. Too bad I don't have any crazy or exciting stories to mark the occassion. Actually the past weekend has been kind of blah all around. Last week it seemed that I was having an awesome time. Things were just kind of going along smoothly and I was pumped to cruise through the last few weeks here. Now it seems like I just have a lot on my plate and a head full of thoughts and instead of cruising I'm going to have to bust my ass the last few weeks. I just got my first two papers back and let's just say that I did less than desirable. Since there are less assignments here it's worth a whole lot more. So now I have to put my nose to the grindstone to really finish out strong.

The other thing is hearing that everyone else is graduating back home. All of my friends from home and some close friends from Northeastern. Just weird to think about having a whole year when I get back. I'm ready to be in the real world somedays, then the next day I appreciate having another year to enjoy college. The weather is definitely cooling down here now though. Sun's always shining, but its been in the 60s and to hear that its warming up back home, just makes me miss the summer. I also heard a rumor from a little bird that the pool might be opening this weekend. As long as the waters warm when I get home I don't care when you open it.

I guess I'm just ready to be near people I know again. Don't get me wrong, some great people and friends here, but it gets to be a lot when you see the same people 24/7. At least home I can hang out with different people for short amounts of time and then go back to the group, or just stay home with the fam for a night. Here it's like you go out with the group or you don't. I like the alone time, but at the same time I spend a lot of time wondering what they are doing without me. It's quite the catch-22.

Overall I'm still really happy with the experience. If I could have come home for a week every couple months I probably would stay forever, but I won't, don't worry.

Love and miss you guys and counting the days (38days)


mdwolfgang said...

this is gram at last mark came home so i can comment love the blog miss you can not wait 38 more days. hurry.

Deanie said...

Don't worry, Shawn, hanging out with family isn't any more fun. LOL! Love ya, can't wait for you to come home. Counting the days! Everyone at work says hello and wants to let you know that they miss you too!
See you soon!

Tah said...

no one's counting harder or louder than i, except maybe all the people bloggin' here with us...lol
can't wait for your face!!
missing you more than you're missing us, i'm sure....troad rip weekend and all, (no worries...we're waitin' for ya!)
love ya