Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Hansen!

So it's our third day here and I have to say I'm really enjoying myself. Who knew there would be so much to do even when not skiing. Basically I lounged around and watched some TV and then met up with everyone around 3 for lunch and happy hour and then we hung out and had dinner and some more drinks. We ended up back at the condo at like midnight and just hung out and built a fire. Today is Justin's birthday and Timmy went home because he has to work in the morning, Steve is somewhere complaining how sore he is from yesterday and everyone is getting another day of skiing in. Going to grab some breakfast shortly around the corner and then going to go watch the Pats play at 3 and hopefully watch the Giants at 6:30 (I think Steve and I are the only ones who care to watch it). The birthday boy is king for the day so we'll do what he wants. Then tonight we are going to a hibachi restaurant for dinner. Still 24 hours left and I'm not ready to go back to Boston. It's nice getting away every once and a while.

Okay now on to some other stuff...

Suzanne Pleshette has died of pulmonary failure at the age of 70. You may remember her from Newhart.

The Grammy's may not go on as planned as a lot of other things, because of the writers strike.

I missed the game, but Maryland upset North Carolina yesterday.

That's all thats fit to find.

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