Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 a reflection and why 2008 scares the shit out of me.

So looking back on 2007 was pretty awesome. Living for a semester in Australia which you can read about in detail from those months to working for the New York Giants summer camp this summer (and the Albany County Clerks office as well) to a great semester back in Boston and some great reconnections with some old friends. I'm loving serving tables at CPK and getting my feet back under me in a lot of ways.

The grass is always greener.

When I got back to Boston and was pumped and excited because after a year away I was ready to be back here with everybody. Even Australia had lost some of its shine and I was ready to come back here. Then after a few weeks in Boston I had the itch to move, I was struggling to reconnect with people. I realized the world didn't stop when I left and things were different, and in some cases real different. Then I got over it, got back in to a routine met some new people, hung out with some of the people from Australia and really began to settle down again. Even to the point that I can see myself sticking around for a little while now.

And that's what scares the shit out of me. This year is going to be a year of more changes than I've had to deal with since senior year of high school when I had to decide where to go to school. Now I have to decide what the next step in my life is going to be. No pressure, it's fine.

Last night I was hanging with a bunch of the CPK girls and they are all senior ASL interpreting majors (American Sign Language). I was like well at least you guys have a specific direction to go in. Communications is kind of really broad and I can do anything, or nothing. They were like well we can do interpreting or nothing. I guess it's all the same in terms of what decisions you have to make.

The semester should be pretty easy and I'm going to be working a lot. Hopefully for senior year I'll be able to afford to go on a Spring Break (not that Australia wasn't a semesters worth of Spring Breaks). I would love to take things one day at a time, but I know that Spring semester flies by as it is and I think if I blink it will be gone. Less than five months from today is graduation. And then the rest of my life...

I'm scared to think about it too much. I got some new music for Christmas. The OneRepublic album is killing it on my iPod right now, just can't turn it off. You may know it from the Timbaland remix of Apology, but the other tracks on the album are really cool too. It's got a different feel too it that is kind of Linkin Park rap/rock (the entire album was produced by Timbaland) and a little Blue October (Hate Me) feel, but not as whiney and poppy. Overall I'm enjoying it and it's definitely worth a listen.



albanymom said...

Let's start a countdown. How many days until graduation. You are always welcome in Albany if you don't know where to go.

Shawn said...

115 Days from today until graduation :)

albanymom said...

One hundred and fourteen now. Love you.