Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Office's BJ Novak, Brotherhood, and some other stuff

I have had the great pleasure of planning an event for my fraternity and next Wednesday BJ Novak better known as Ryan on The Office will be joining us at Northeastern for a night of comedy. Tickets went on sale today and I'm sure they are going to sell out in the next day or two which is awesome.

In other news, I skipped my first class of the semester and gave myself a 5 day weekend. It's fine it's only Rock Music. I know about 1000 people in the class and I'll get the notes tomorrow in class. I have to work tonight at 5 and I want to get some other stuff done before then so hopefully I'll be productive between now and then.

When I joined the fraternity I joined above all else because of the brotherhood. In high school whether it was sports or forensics there was always this bond with the guys that even when I was feeling like I didn't fit in or that I didn't know what I wanted, they were always above all else there for me. I wanted that to continue and it was tough being far at different schools from everyone else, so a fraternity seemed like a smart choice. When I joined 4 years ago, those brotherhood bonds were there. Then some things happened and some of my closest bonds were broken. Bonds that you thought based on our ideals and principals were untouchable. Some of them remained, but I used New York and Australia as an escape from all the BS and let myself fall of the face of the earth for a while. I wish somehow I could get everyone in the chapter to understand that the bonds are what set us apart from any other student organization and any other group of friends. The secrets and the rituals are what makes this more than a drinking club. I have just over 100 days as an undergraduate to start that thought process again.

Okay enough about me (honestly there is never enough about me but...):

Apple announced that they will offer Movie rentals through the iTunes store and an awesome new macbook

Christina Aguilera had a baby boy. Unfortunately it wasn't mine.

OJ Simpson was in court once again this morning. The judged called him "arrogant, ignorant, or both".

Maybe the writers strike isn't so bad.

And in concert news Matchbox Twenty and Linkin Park talk about their upcoming tours and recent albums.

John Mayer covers Justin Timberlake and it's awesome. And then he goes and defends Jessica Simpson. Classy move John, but on a rock star scale 0.

Okay look for more daily updates about life outside of mine and we'll see if I can't get famous and find me a job or something. Maybe I'll even start podcasting if I can buy me some equipment. Did someone say radio show?


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albanymom said...

love you and your updates. I am very happy that Christina's boy isn't my boy's!