Monday, September 29, 2008

The End of the World As We Know It...Well At Least America

So today as I dropped the pounds on the bike at the gym, I watched a the news like a bad accident. You can't help but look, but as it become clears you're stomach drops. Record setting is usually good, but today the economy set a record for worst ever point drop. That's EVER. I don't really understand too much about it all. But I do know that something has to give. People are paying to Clinton and Palin as they shatter the glass ceiling during the past few months in this historic election, but no one is paying attention to the glass floor below us. When the economy began to turn down months ago, we were reassured that it wasn't a recession, it was just a small dip in the road. Today as Congress failed to pass a $700 billion bail-out. Can creating more money really fix the situation? Isn't it just a band-aid on an open wound? Something has gone terribly wrong with the infrastructure of our country. I don't think that the government should have its hand in everything, nor do I believe that the government to should have a strong control of anything, but I do think that the government is a government of the people, all people. For the everyday guy or gal, we may not feel the effects of the market today, but we will feel it. Those people who live day to day will continue to struggle to survive. The unemployment rates have already begun to rise. With the mortgage crisis, more and more people will be on the street. It's time for the government to help the people. It's time to turn our attention away from other countries needs and be selfish. Time to focus on America and restoring it to prosperity. I was lucky. I graduated and I found a job relatively easily, but I know many people who haven't had that luck. People who graduate in the next year or two probably won't have that luck either. It's beyond the blame game. It's beyond saying that an administration or a president or a political party has failed. Everyone has failed. Time to step it up.

On an ironic note, the sun came out today after about 4 days. (I don't know if that's the right use of irony. I should check with Norm MacDonald.)

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