Monday, September 8, 2008

MTV VMA's 25 Years later.

Ok so I can't really say later. Because I wasn't around for the first couple, but I have been around for the last couple and while some performances shined (Pink)others were just okay (Rihanna) and some were just a surprising mess (Christina Aguilera). It seems MTV was all about restoring bad images. Britney Spears went from comeback flop last year to comeback flat this year. Her opening sequence with Jonah Hill was mediocre at best. It got a couple chuckles but it was safe. Then every award she was nominated she got. I don't know if the awards are even relevant anymore, but they seemed to think by giving Britney these awards they were some how saving her career.

Okay on to some highlights. Pink is looking better than ever. I have to say I have always been a fan and I think she is really underrated. If you compare Pink and Christina Aguilera last night, Pink's performance was crazier and provided more VMA quality surprises with explosions and costume changes and SINGING. Christina's performance for me was very disappointing. The reworked Genie In A Bottle was interested but obviously pre-recorded and during the dance sequence I kept having flashbacks of Britney's performance last year. You're a mom now Christina, have some class.

I have to admit I do really enjoy the Kid Rock song he performed, but the Lil Wayne combo was a little strange for me. Also really enjoy Leona Lewis but again the Lil Wayne collaboration was not a highlight for me.

Overall I feel like the VMA craze is over. No longer is it about pushing the envelope and being the craziest award show, the craziest parts came from the host who did a great job for being a relative unknown to American audiences. The days of climbing podiums and flying Sterns have come and gone. Maybe its time to say goodbye to the VMAs and work on something new. Like playing more music.


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