Friday, September 12, 2008

Live at Cafe 939: NeedToBreathe

Lead singer Bear Rinehart said that after one of their first shows he was afraid the reviews were going to be headlined "NeedToPractice." They weren't and it also wasn't the case last night. NeedToBreathe provided a nice mix of both known songs with a couple new ones from a yet to be recorded upcoming album, that kept fans and newcomers alike wanting more. Blues and southern rock influence was evident on songs such as Streets of Gold and Signature of Divine. Andy Davis, the opener, made a guest tambourine appearance with the band on song Girl Named Tennessee, after which they mentioned their nickname for him...Sandy Anus. He's only been mildly irritating as a tour mate. What was most impressive was the contrast from simplicity and stripped songs to some of the more rocking tunes. The greatest example of this was the encore when the band unplugged moved over the couches and played Washed By The Water.

These guys put on a great show and will continue to rock on the road until the end of September. Definitely get out and see them.

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