Saturday, September 27, 2008

You know the economy is bad when...


FOUNTAIN, Colo. - A Colorado teenager hired men to kill his mother so he could use her money to get breast implants for his girlfriend, police said.

Fortunately for the mother the man hired to kill her tried to use a baseball bat and only slightly injured her. But I mean seriously what in the world was this guy thinking that he could just off his mother so his girlfriend could have nicer breasts. Crazy people in this world that is for sure. I'd only kill my mom if I was going to buy something for myself. (just kidding. Love you mom!)

In other sad news actor Paul Newman succumbed to cancer at the age of 83. In addition to starring in, directing and producing some classic movies, Newman worked hard to give back. After his son died of a drug overdose he started a foundation to produce anti-drug movies and perhaps most famously started Newman's Own line of food items originally as a joke. That small joke has gone on to donate over $140 million. He was a great American, although his liberal politics once landed him on Richard Nixon's 'enemies' list. He will be missed. I think I'll have some Newman's Own salsa in memory of him.

Went out last night for Rebecca and Steven's birthdays and had a great time. Was supposed to be working today at Jazzfest but they canceled it because of rain, although it isn't raining today yet. It's great that I don't have to work, but I totally would have gotten paid extra for this gig. Oh well.

Hanging out and watching movies all day.


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