Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Week At A Glance

So this week has been a week off and it's really nice. The weather has been absolutely beautiful. Temps in the 70s and not a cloud in the sky. The nights are cool and if it rains at all it rains in the middle of the night. I talked to the girls a couple days ago. They are up north and said that it rained the first two days of their spring break and they actually had to cancel a couple of their planned events. I've been playing poker every night this week. Most pubs have free tournaments. First night I finished 12, second night 5, and last night I finished 16th. We'll see if I can win tonight.

The past two days I went to the beach and spent the day in the sun. It's a little breezy so even though it's hot in the sun, the breeze and the water tend to cool it down. Yesterday I walked from Bondi to Bronte which is about a 3.5km walk (2miles) and took a whole bunch of pictures. I'll post the pictures later tonight or tomorrow. Today I just went out for a walk. Was going to head over to the Harbour because it was another nice day out, when I came across the Sydney Entertainment Centre. Tonight is the John Mayer concert and I swung by to see if I could hear soundcheck. We didn't hear anything, but I hung out for another half hour or so. Then we figured out why we couldn't hear anything, he wasn't there yet. Around 3:45 a van pulled up with the band and John himself. He signed a few autographs and took a picture or two before heading into the venue. I got a picture on my cell phone, but I don't know how good it came out. Even though I'm not going to the show here, it was cool to meet him. No Jessica Simpson, although she is in Australia. Definitely want to go to the show at SPAC.

So supposed be another nice weekend. There is a big fair going on in Sydney that I might try and go to. I also am still trying to get to the zoo or aquarium this weekend. If I do, you'll definitely hear about and see pictures.

Until then.


Mary said...

Maybe you would have more luck in card tournaments if they were playing spoons or solitaire NOT poker...LOL

I would love to be walking around in nice is damp and chilly here.

Shawn said...

Well last night I came in second and won $30. The sun is shining in Sydney :) It's okay you just have to wait a few months and I'll bring the nice weather back with me.

albanymom said...

I hope we don't have to wait until July for nice weather. We could be getting a Noreaster between Sunday and Tuesday. Isn't it April?????