Sunday, April 8, 2007

Picture catch-up

Sushi Train at Coogee Beach. You pick what you want as it goes buy and pay 2.50 a plate when you're done. It's quite the bargain and also a fun little idea.
Northeastern Crew at Bondi Beach

Northeastern Crew and the Indiana Boys at Coogee Beach

Alex and I. I sure know how to ruin a picture don't I.
Group shot of the Northeastern Crew. I managed to look decent in this one at least.

Jess, Barbara and I on our Bridgewalk a few weeks back.

Barbara and I in our glory on St Patrick's Day. What do you mean she doesn't look Irish?

So there are some back photos from the trip so far. If the weather is nice I'll have more this week from my adventures of break. And to clarify now and save the questions later...the girls are all just girlfriend. They are all crazy in their own ways so I don't even get involved like that.


albanymom said...

Great pictures. Hope you are able to get out and about this week. Love you and miss you on my vacation.

Deanie said...

I would kill to be at that beach right about now. This weather is ridiculous. It's supposed to snow again tonight! Hope you're enjoying your week, some of us poor slobs have to work for a living. Hope you can join us soon! We miss you! The gang at work says hello!

Mary said...

Love the much better for visualizing. I like you with the short, short hair!

I laughed out loud when I saw the sushi train look like you are in mortal danger and the chopsticks are your only weapon at hand...