Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Classes and other stuff

So classes started on Tuesday. I have had 3 of my 4 classes and they don't seem to be too bad. The worst part is that two of them are 400 person lectures. Even at a big school like Northeastern, I've never had a class that was that big. Both are entry level classes but have a lot of Australian and study abroad students. My third class is a class designed for study abroad students so there are only 14 of us, mostly Americans. It is a history of Aboriginal history and struggles they face today. Should be interesting to learn about the culture of the Aboriginese people.

Today I walked to the Opera House again. It is nothing like it appears up close. Each roof is its own building. It's still nice looking but its just very deceiving from far away. The weather has been cooler the past couple days. A couple days in the 60's before this weekend then back to the 80's. Friday night I scored tickets to see Fall Out Boy and Barbara and I are going to go to that show.

At surf camp, I tried Vegemite. It wasn't fantastic but not horrendous either. I had some on my toast for breakfast. It's VERY salty and someone compared it to eating toast with Soy Sauce on it. Last night we went out for Thai food and I ate Chicken stir-fry with a spicy chilli sauce that was very good. We are going to try and conserve money and eat in the next couple nights. I made a big salad and I bought roast beef, tuna fish, PB&J, and pasta. Turkey is very expensive here. $25 a kilo. I don't know how that converts to LBS and I usually just order by the slice, but you can get a nice piece of steak cheaper than a nice piece of turkey or chicken.

Tomorrow morning I have class at 9am so I'm going to call it a night and try and get a full night's sleep. No big plans for the weekend besides the concert Friday night, but there are many parts of the city to be explored...and if tis really nice I'm sure we'll be heading to one of the beaches.

Miss you guys

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Looking for a good book...leave some suggestions in the comments for me :)


albanymom said...

Why aren't you currently listening to fall out boys? Enjoy the concert. I know how much you like their new music. I would have to bring my head phones. Love you.

Tah said...

That new Fall Out Boy song "gets me PUMPED"....don't know if you've seen the new commercial with that tag line, but man, it CRACKS ME UP! Hope you have a blast at that concert....i know Kiernan and Matt will be SO jealous....get jobs, boys. No new reads for me (i'm reading a new Nora...don't think it's up your alley....have you read the new Robert B. Parker? maybe you could find that. love and miss ya!!

Mary said...

Hi Shawn,
this is your cousin RILEY:
Cool pictures of you surfing. It looks like fun!! Have fun....

the girls from the clerks office said...

Hi Shawn, It doesnt look like you had any promblems finding fun. We knew you'd be a hit with the Aussie's. The country looks beauiful I had no idea. Everyone said to say hi and wishes you well. I won't tell you what Mary said. (I know you'll understand) HaHa! Take Care and we miss you.

albanymom said...

Try the author Chris Bohjalian, newest is the Double Bind. I am reading all of his other books too.