Sunday, March 4, 2007

La Boca Cielo

For those of you who have not seen Y Tu Mama Tambien, La Boca Cielo is an imaginary beach they refer to as "Heaven's Mouth". This weekend I believe we found La Boca Cielo. About 5 hours north of Sydney (7hours on the way up with Friday traffic) we settled in to our bunks on a remote beach known as Crystal Head. Here we had two crazy days and nights of surfing, eating, some drinking by the campfire, and an all around amazing time. I keep thinking that I could find anything cooler here in Australia and then we find this.
Saturday morning we got up at 7am for breakfast and then by 8pm we walked to beach and then about 15 minutes north on the beach to some great waves. We all got boards and after about 30 minutes of basic surfing info on land it was into the water. The guys there are real pros and know a thing or two about surfing. Within an hour or so I had stood up on the board and spent the next couple hours fine tuning my skills. Because the the weather is so strong Down Under we took an afternoon siesta from Noon to about 3:30. We went back to a different spot on the beach where there were some quality big waves. Surfing is definitely a sport and after paddling out and wiping out a few times I was beat. Next up was a first class barbecue with Australia's favorite Sausages. With orientation and welcome barbecue at UniLodge(where I'm living) I think I've been to 8 "sausage sizzlers". But after a very filling meal and a crazy game of Jenga to determine who did the dishes(Team 7 did not have to do dishes :)), we headed to "Humpy" a campfire set up right by the beach for a few Toohey's. By about 12:30am, we are all dead and most of us called it a night. 7am again this morning we were awake and ready to head to the beach for a couple more hours of surfing. I didn't think I was as tired as I was but after a few times more trying to get up the board I felt like my arms were going to fall off. I surfed for about an hour then just hung out on the beach and took some more pictures of everyone.
Overall it was a great weekend. I will definitely either be renting boards at some of the local beaches or heading back for another weekend before I leave. All the guys at the camp, Kimbo, Trent, Blakey, Jim, and Ian were so chill. Ian is actually from New York. He was born in England move to Rochester then New York City. After he graduated from college four years ago he came to backpack Australia for a few months, went to surf camp, ended up buying into the company and now runs their marketing and promotions. As great as it sounds, I'm not quite good at surfing, but maybe before I leave I'll be better. And there is always North Carolina.
I have a few pictures from today and they took pictures of all of us surfing yesterday. Classes start tomorrow, but I don't have classes on Mondays or Fridays so I'll probably get the pictures up then, and do some laundry.

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