Friday, March 9, 2007

"One Good Thing About Music, When It Hits You Feel No Pain" - Bob Marley

So tonight (thanks to some awesome friends) I was able to see my first concert down under. and let me tell you when you're feeling a little home sick, all you need is a little live music. Pete and Patrick and the boys of Fall Out Boy, rocked it tonight, only there second show ever in Australia. I had the sweaty opportunity to push my way right up to the front of the crowd and was about 5 persons back from the front of the stage. My friend Barbara, who went with me and is about 5' 2", made it for about 5 minutes before she was pushed and pulled to the back of the crowd. She's from Staten Island so I had "no worries" that she could hold her own. So because it was there first time in Australia they played a lot more of the first album then I was expecting. I don't really know the first album besides the three singles (all of which they played), and they they played three songs from the new album (This Ain't A Scene..., Golden Rule, and Thriller). They sounded really good and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. After one of the roadies Anthony was introduced to start a circle pit, I screamed "Yeah New York" (anthony was from buffalo) and got a lot fo crazy looks from some Aussies, but whatever.

Before the show we had the opportunity to meet up with some Australian blokes too. Scott and the boys were really cool and from Sydney, and they are going to take us some cool places the next couple days and hopefully months. I also got to meet a mom who brought her daughter to the show, who was originally from Seattle, WA and had relocated with her Aussie husband almost 25 years ago to Australia. She was really cool and we chatted about the differences and nuances between the states and Australia.

Any way Fall Out Boy is touring the States on the Honda Civic Tour coming up shortly. I know they are playing Saratoga Performing Arts Center on May 30th (or close to that) so Matty and Kiernan talk your mom's into going. It's a great time :) If I was home I would totally take you. Well I know you guys are just waking up but its about 12:30am on Friday night here so I'm going to shower and see what else the night brings.

Until later

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Deanie said...

Man, once again you just proved how much you rock, literally! It was so nice to hear from you last night, our shows are just not the same without you. So glad you're having a good time, and sorry that you were homesick. Hope your mom didn't see that! Have fun! Talk soon.
P.s. When exactly are you taking classes? LOL

albanymom said...

She did!! Miss you too.