Thursday, March 1, 2007

I'm the king of the world

Here's one more picture before I leave for the weekend. On our dolphin watch we were able to walk out to the front of the boat to take pictures and stuff. Of course I thought it best to re-enact the Titantic...luckily the boat made it back in one piece.

Talk to you on Sunday night.


Tah said...

ohmigod!! that shot is AMAZING! I was going to ask that you post some pix with YOU in them....what a spectacular way to anticipate me!
Thanks for taking us ya!

Deanie said...

Shawn, you are the coolest! Seems like you are having an awesome time and you just got there.

Mary said...

How the heck do you get out there?? Did you meet ROSE??
Did you see any dolphins??
Albany is going to seem very DULL after all of this...and you just started the journey.

Wolf in Syracuse said...

Amazing pictures. It looks like you are enjoying every minute. We found your blog through your Grandmothers directions...pretty savy grandma. Keep enjoying yourself.
Uncle John

Justin said...


Hope Surf Camp was fun! Good talking to you the other day. I am interested in seeing how Verizon bills me for that! Glad your having fun brother!