Thursday, March 1, 2007

Off to Surf Camp

Well this week has been a pretty uneventful one. It rained for a couple days and was overcast for the other couple days. That didn't stop us from wandering around the city or heading to another couple beaches. We discovered Bronte Beach, which is near Bondi, but a lot smaller but still very nice. This is probably my favorite beach so far. The water was a little warmer and the waves were a lot bigger. There were also two tidal pools which you could go swimming in and one even had lane lines. The beaches are very different from what I'm used to on the East Coast.
My timetable (schedule) is finalized for now. I am taking four classes Media Globalisation, Intro to Sociology, Reality Ethics and Beauty, and Indigenous Australian Sport and Culture (Which has fieldtrips :)) Classes start on Monday when we get back, but because I don't have classes on Monday or Friday I get an extra day to relax.
Today at 5pm local time we are heading out to Surf Camp. We travel about 4-5hours North of Sydney where it's just us and the dolphins and kangaroos to hang out on the beach and get surf lessons. It should be a great time. The five of us from Northeastern are all going so thats nice. I've got to shower and pack and clean up my room but I just wanted to give an update. I'm going to try and get some more pictures up before I head to the bus.

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Mary said...

What for God's sake is Reality Ethics and Beauty???
Is it an easy A? Isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder?