Friday, March 9, 2007

Fall Out Boy in pictures

Getting pumped up for the big show...Yes I styled a faux hawk so I would fit in with the crowd!! The girls are trying to convince me to bleach my hair again shortly. I'll probably do it wear it for a week or too then shave my head (not bald just summer look like usual). It's longer than it's been in a while.

Here's a shot of the entrance to the venue. It reminds me a lot of a classic boardwalk amusement park. They even had a section named Coney Island.

Complimentary Admission...enough said (and no I haven't come to Australia to start wearing pink. The event was all ages so those who were 18+, the legal drinking age, got these stylish pink wristbands)

Here's us with the Aussie guys we met.

Here's a shot of the show that Barbara took.

So all in all, it was a great show. I had a great time, I think Barbara did as well. Hopefully it won't be my last concert here in Australia. But now I am off to bed.


albanymom said...

Great pictures. Glad to hear you had fun. I just love this site. I am not so sure about the hair color. Brings back memories of years ago (I just found the pictures too). Have fun. Love you no matter what your hair looks like.

Tah said...

i was missin you today...heard "Crazy" on the radio on way to store...called Deanie, of course...glad you had fun at Fall Out the pix, and i, too, love this site...miss ya

Mary said...

Hey one week has gone by and no new posts!!!!
What's going on?
Did you get lost in the class of 400???
Miss you..